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Dog, fish, and Hamsters! *pics*

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Well here is my dog blue
Can you guess what breed he is? He is a mich between three dogs.
Blue my doggie
(do not worry the chain was a one time only thing)
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a few more of Blue^^^
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Here are my fish!
This is sara my female veiltail betta

This is Mandarin my male double tail betta

This is Risteek my male veil tail betta

These are my 10 gallon fish. My two male guppies and my two male platies:
size=14]10 gallon fish[/size]

The Guppies and Platies together^


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These are my hamsters

Dash is a male long haired sable syrian hamster ^

Dusk is a male diltue black Russian Campebell Dwarf hamster^

Riz is a female long haired sabble syrian hamster ^

Romeo is a male lilac fawn Russian Campbell Dwarf hamster^

Spunky is a male long haired caramel mink syrian hamster^
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Krista is a female Dilute balck Russian Campbell Dwarf hamster^

Trixie is a female Chocolate Russian campbell Dwarf hamster^

Trixie AND Krista^

Bandit is a male short haired banded caramel mink syrian hamster^

thats all of my pets.

if you ever have any questions about hamster care please pm me.
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Okay one last picture

That is every hamster all in one pic!

Big Balls:
Dark Blue: Spunky
Light Blue: Dash
Red: Riz
Yellow: Bandit

Small balls:
Dark Blue: Trixie
Green: Dusk
Yellow: Krista
Red: Romeo
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The only pictures that work for me are of Blue!

I'm going to take a wild guess at his/her breed.. Aussie (or Husky because of his blue eye), German Shepherd and Lab?
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Oh they all are so cute!
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I don't know why the other pics aren't working for you though... You are close though. Okay i will tel you. Blue is a german shepherd, golden retriever, and husky mix..
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Blue is gorgeous and boy is that a lot of hamsters! They're adorable
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Beautiful fur and fin family!
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Dog - border collie, hound or rottweiler or shepard?
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Max as a puppy!!!!
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Blue does look like he has some rottweiler in him doesn't he. O.O

No german shepherd, husky, and golden retriever.
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all of the pictures work now.. My gosh that is a lot of hamsters!!!

I love your dogs.. The hamsters are adorable, the fish are gorgeous... All of you pets are awesome!
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AWWWWW!!!!!! I love hampsters. My daughter has one that lives at my moms. Adorable pics.
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It is spelt hamsters without a P btw
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aww your babies are so cute! Blue looks like a rottie/shepherd to me.
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German shepherd/huskie/golden retriever mix
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Awwww, they are all wonderful pets!
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Blue is really a unique and beautiful dog. Those blue eyes are so striking with is dark fur.
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Thank you very much.
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[quote=Meow_Cat;1265869]Okay one last picture

i've always found it highly amusing when hamsters are in those balls! the above may be taking it a bit too far though lol! i'd love to have seen them in action!
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How cute is the last picture?

Do they actually like the balls?? Cause I know my rats HATED theirs! They just thought it was good to sleep in!
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Your pets are all adorable! I love the dilute black hamster, such a pretty color... I've never seen one like that before, but I've only had a couple of Dwarf hamsters (had many many many Syrian hamsters though...)

And wow, that's a lot of hamster balls! Do you ever hold hamster races for them?

Jane-- I think most rats dislike the balls, at least every one I've heard of where someone has tried it with a rat, they hated it. I never tried it with my own rats since they knew not to stray I just let them run around on the couch, bed, or on me. Hamsters however usually love running in those balls. Maybe it's the intelligence difference...
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the first hamster is just adorable! looks like a little old man with a mustache!
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