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red mouths?

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I just went into the room where the babies are to check on mom and babies, and i noticed that they had some blood on there mouth. i used a wet warm cloth, thinkin it was just from mom, but then i noticed its a scab. its in the corners of there mouths. not bigger then the head of a pin, but still bugs me,lol. what could it be?
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Im thinking it is from them nursing and the milk causing almost a sore spot like a cold sore on the corner of their little mouths...and their tounges constantly licking arouns their mouth to lap up the milk...poor munchkins! I love milk mouths! post pics! Also I wouldn't pick at it i would let it fall off
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will do ( pics) was going to take some as soon as i get out of work. i cant BELIEVE their a week old already!!!!.

i was only wiping it cause i wasent sure what it was, i will leave it alone now, thanks!
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