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Sunday DT

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'Mable Leaf' had a blast.

The first of a few Canada Day celebrations was a hit. I had a great time dressed up as a clown. The only problem: my youngest son was terrified of me so I had to divulge my secret and let him (end everyone else) know it was only mommy in the green wig.

Our local paper photographer made an appearance and insisted that he needed a picture of the clown. Once it comes out (next wednesday) I'll give you guys the link so you can have a chuckle on my behalf!

Today,.....I have nothing much to do. I am planning on doing some gardening. It's a beautiful day. (I'll clean the house later......)

Hope you all have a great day!
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Nothing much planned for today. I don't have my new car yet so I'm stuck home... Bah!

My friend is comming over later so she can snap some shots of Coco(the Pit puppy I am watching) so she can post up some fliers of her at vet offices, pet shops and the pound. I am going to look into contacting Pit bull rescue to see if they know of someone with an active lifestyle who is looking for a Pit. She really needs to be in her permenant home right now.

G I'm glad to hear that Mable leaf went over so well. I can't wait to see the picture.

Enjoy the day everyone!!
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G., Will you be giving autographed pictures to your fans now? You might as well cash in on your newly found fame--maybe host a cruise to the insect-ridden Everglades? :laughing2 I'm just not letting that field trip die a natural death, am I?
I'm glad Canada Days are going well, and your clown was a hit. That's not the easiest job in the world!
Have a great family day, everyone!
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Happy Sunday all............

I plan on a quiet day with the washing machine and then the clothes line!
Real exciting, huh?
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The usual Sunday - Bill is cooking breakfast, Rowdy is streaking through the house, Opie is staying out of her way and Ike is hanging out on the patio. Later - the weekly shopping. After yesterday's mall crawl, I'm surprised that Bill wants to leave the house with me. Mom's doing well. She and my dad are gallivanting around, as usual. I wish they'd get voice mail or, an answering machine! I bought a beautiful comforter set, yesterday. Not only is it leopard-print - its PURPLE! I'll have to guard it, from Mom. She likes purple and cat prints, as much as I do. OMG - I've turned into my mother!
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Debra, Are you one of those who love the smell of clothes hung out that you ignore your dryer and pick up the clothespins? When I was able to, I always hung sheets out. MMMMMM, they smell so good, and feel so crisp. (I sound like a corny commercial!) And if you want to hang out towels, get that wonderful smell, and still have them stay soft, you can put them out when the sun is getting low in the sky. Who would have thought I would miss work this much?
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YUP - I LOVE the clothes out on the line! Lugging them around is a pain, but wirth it when you crawl into bed with that outdoor smell!

Cindy - your mom! hahahaha - I looked at a pic of myslef the other day that was taken last week and thought the same thing!
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Another hot day in Cleveland, but luckily I'm done with all my outdoors errrands. I have to prepare for a presentation at work tomorrow, for one of the other labs. So, my Sunday will be spent making graphs and overheads But, at least it gives me a good excuse to stay in the AC today.

Have a nice day, everyone!
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I'm glad your day as a clown went well!

Not doing much today, just laundry. (must be the day for it)

Hot here.

Hey guys...check out the thread by Mr. Cat called "Hear ye Hear ye"
I made a recording of a greeting to you all! It was fun to do...I hope more people will do the same!

Not much going on here....anybody seen the movie "Orange County" yet? I see it is out on video, and thinking about renting it tonight.

Have a great day!
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Its been a slow and boring day for me. I've been sleeping on and off and just woke up about 2 hours ago. Hubby and I are going to the driving range later to practice our golf. :laughing: I'm a beginner so I'm sure I'll look stupid out there trying to hit those balls. Pretty soon I'm off to the mall to pick up some Japanese food for dinner. Have a good day everyone. :daisy:
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hey Ghys! Glad Mable Leaf was a hit. Sounds like you had a blast!

Speaking of sounds, Debby you have a very nice voice. Pretty soft-spoken and I had the volume turned way up too.

Taking it easy today. Just routine feeding of the critters and doing some housework. It is sprinkling outside and the rain is supposed to move in heavy tonight.
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Happy Sunday all!

I am glad that you had fun with Mable Leaf - G!

Not much happening here - it is extremely hot day and very humid. We were supposed to go to the drive - in for a triple feature tonight, but hubby had a headache so I am online tonight. Spent a couple hours at the Toronto Rib fest with competetors from all over North America. I have a bit of a burn on the spots I missed with the sunscreen, but that is ok.

Toronto is in the middle of a municiple workers strike, so there has been no garbage pick up in 5 days and it is causing the downtown to reek with all this heat. You would think that people would try to reduce the refuse, but no. If this strike goes on much longer it is going to get ugly. One striking worker was attacked already by a guy with a pick axe. Toronto is at the start of a busy tourist season. This week was our internation jazz festival as well as gay pride week - the 3rd largest pride event in the world. In 3 weeks the Pope will be here for World Youth day along with 1 million youth from around the world. Hopefully the strike will be over soon.

Happy Canada to all the Canadians tomorrow!
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HI all! Just finishing a lazy day here. Didn't do to much napped most of the day and then on and off, I did some housework. I managed to get the dishes done and am in the middle of the laundry. I agree, it gives you an excuse to stay in the ac..No hanging this girls laundry out though. I would have to rewash it and that is a pain in the butt.
keeping the cats happy was on my to do list today and so they got to spend the day on and off on the porch. They don't go out there to much during the day since it is just to hot and I don't want them to get sick. So they go out and when they all start to come in(yes the door is opened and the ac is on, spoiled aren't they?)then mom closes the door and turns the ac back down to 68 degrees. (when the door is opened, it is up to 75, a touch easier on the wallet)Hunny was gone all day so that was kind of nice. he wasn't in the way while I was trying to clean(and nap! LOL!) otherwise it was a pretty uneventful day...
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