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What should I do with my cats ...

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... when the roofers come? I'm having my roof shingles replaced this summer. That's two or three days of the most awful pounding you've ever heard. Do you think I should board out the cats? Or I suppose I could put them in the basement for the duration, it's not quite so noisy down there. I'd appreciate opinions; especially from anyone who's been through this with their cats. Thanks.....

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That all depends on how jumpy they are by nature and which (basement vs. boarding) you think would stress them out more.

My loki would be just fine in the basement as long as I am with him most of the time and reassure him.
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We had a new roof and all new windows put in late Fall of 2005. I could not afford to board the cats, and we have no basement. So........we bought a gorgeous tent, used exercise pens and large (large enough for dogs the size of cockers to dobies) carriers to keep them in while they were in the tent during the day while work was being done. I was home during all work, and frequently went to check that all was calm in the tent.

We have a large totally fenced backyard so roaming dogs were not an issue.

It worked well, there was minimal trauma, and Patrick who was still with us at the time, was kept loose with a cat bed, water and food and I'd lay in there to nap with him.

We also set up an electric ceramic heater (one that shuts off if tipped) that we set up on a metal stand to be sure it didn't get too cold.

ps I vote for the basement, with their familiar beds put down there, toys and a bribe of treats
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When we had the roof replaced a few months ago, I really didn't think about it. I did leave the basement door open. Carly and Lucy hung out down there, but Much decided she felt safest under the bed in the master bedroom where the worst of the banging was.

I feel that allowing them to stay home and find the places they feel safest was about the same amount of stress they would feel boarding them somewhere. And when the banging stopped, they made their way out to eat and poop and other important cat things.
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I know you worry about your babies (you as in all of us here...), but don't forget that cats are very adaptable, and they will find a hidey spot where they'll feel safe.

I agree that they'll come out when it's quiet to use the litter tray and eat and drink (you can take food and water to them if needed), and they'll have night times in the comfort of their own quiet home with you to calm them down if they still seem upset.

I'm sure they'll be fine
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