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You're gonna kill me for not telling you this yesterday LOL but because they are a little older, they only need to be fed every 4 hours.
No I won't!!! You helped me out more than you'll ever know.
Plus, I went to the site that you suggested and saw that it said every 4 hours.
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Here are some pics taken from today.
Hello fans.Our skin meowmy said she needed to add some pics of us.Hope you enjoy them!!She is such a good meowmy.

More to come in next post!!!
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They are beautiful. I especially like the poofy little black kittens.
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Here's some more

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I clean the garden tub about 8 times a day They track litter all over it.I clean it with backing soda and warm water.
They appear to be thriving.
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Originally Posted by crittermom
Here are some pics taken from today.
Hello fans.Our skin meowmy said she needed to add some pics of us.Hope you enjoy them!!She is such a good meowmy.

More to come in next post!!!
Good to see you feeding them in the prone many people want to feed kittens like babies....on their back, but this can cause fluid to get in their lungs and the kittens can die.

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If your kids are helping you, here's a trick that my hubby and I figured out with our last orphaned litter of 4: Create an assembly line. Our orphans wouldn't use a bottle so we had syringes which they actually sucked dry and we didn't have to force feed them. When we brought the food, we'd both start out by giving them a few cc's to settle them down, then Steve would take over feeding them one by one. When they were full, he'd hand them off to me and I would stimulate them to burp then wipe them down. I kept a bowl of warm water and a wash cloth handy and would repeatedly rinse (squeeze the rag nearly dry) while I washed them from head to butt. When you hit the butt end, switch to cotton balls or toilet paper to get out the initial load, then clean them off with the wash cloth. Also keep a warm dry towel handy to dry them off when you are done.

My orphans were little piglets and most of them would wind up with formula all over their bodies. They were harder to clean than to feed.

You are an absolute angel for taking these babies in!!!!! Please keep the pictures coming!!
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They certainly look like they're thriving!!!!

What gorgeous the little torti/calico girl.
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Another night down.
Thankfully I don't have to stimulate them to go potty.They do that themselves.
As for the feeding them, I start out with 1 make sure it is getting the hang of the syringe and then had it off to one of the kids.I check to make sure the kit and the kid are doing it right and then down the line.We fed them, let them play for a few and then we start all over to see if any are hungry.Ususally they aren't.
The pic of me feeding the kit, was me trying to get it interested in it.I then wrap them in a towel (loosly) so they feel as though mom is there and have the kids place them on their laps in the prone position to feed them.The kids love to help me out.I make sure they wash their hands and change their clothes before they handle Corwin/Blaze/Neela.
I'm going to try and mix hard kitten food with the kitten glop and let it soak for a while until it is moist.Then, I'll mash it.....warm it a touch and offer it to the kits.If they take to it,that's good.If not, I'll happily bottle/syringe feed them until they get the hang of it.
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Here we are after our bellies are full and our skin Meowmy cleaned us with a warm rag.

I have a quick question.Is there any way to keep them out of the litter box when they aren't going potty?Sometimes they sleep in it.I keep the litter box as clean as I can and I wipe them with a warm rag, but still.................that can't be healthy Or is that part of them learning to be kits?
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It's part of the learning process. They'll soon work out that the pan is for toilet and the blankets are for sleeping. Perhaps leave a little bit of wee and poop in there so that it smells like their toilet place, rather than a nice place to sleep.

You are doing wonderfully! Thanks for the cute pictures.
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Thank you again!!! I'll leave a little pee/poo in the middle of the pan so they know that's for pottying.
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For those of you keeping up with this journey with us,I'll be posting updates on the pregnant cats and kittens care board.This is not an urgent post anymore.So, check out the other forum for updates!!!! Oh, and pics too.
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