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Cigarette smoke

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How do your kitties react to smoking indoors? I have a guest coming for the weekend who is a smoker. I quit so Astrid Ray hasn't been around lit cigarettes, just the old odor from before I quit which she might be able to smell even when I can't.

I am worried about it I guess. I have asked my friend to not smoke "as much" and not in any room where the cat is. Still, I know she can get going and start chain smoking and I just don't feel up to fighting about it. (With the heat wave, smoking outdoors isn't an option either...)

Any experiences?
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I'm a smoker. Usually my boys just avoid me when I have one lit, but other than that they are fine.

You are going to let a guest smoke in your house? Wow, I never get that from my friends. I'm usually relegated to smoking on the front step at 4am, in the cold, alone.
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Yep, I am - I am not letting her smoke in the car though. I smoked for years and years ago my family had pets and my mom smoked, but it was a huge house.

It is funny that I am way more worried about the cat than me relapsing - this will be the first test of being around someone smoking since I quit. I am sure she will probably not be hanging around a stranger anyway, she is too shy and skittish still.

I guess I will designate the back of the apartment as the Astrid zone and leave the windows open for her enjoy fresh air and the birds. We will probably hang out in the front room. My friend can have the air conditioning on in the back when she goes to bed and she is not smoking.
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I am a smoker. I usually try to smoke on my patio but do smoke some in the house. When I do it's only in two areas that are next to windows as I really don't like to expose my kitties to cigarette smoke. If she must smoke in your house I would pick an area next to a window and only let her smoke there or just steer her out to the porch.
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Some of my cats will avoid it and others don't care. When my hubby and friends have the occassional cigar, or if there are a lot of smokers over, I'll put a fan in the window blowing outward as an exhaust vent. Works really well actually. I also turn up the whole house purifier for a while.
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I'm a smoker, but my home is smoke free.
I would politely ask them to smoke outside as long as weather permits.
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I would also politely ask your guest to smoke outside... it doesnt take all that long to smoke one, so they should bear with the heat... it's not fair to subject your animals to it if they don't have the option to get outside themselves and I know how tempting it can be to just smell the smoke yourself, so it'd prolly be best for you and your animals to keep the smoke outside (I have hermit crabs too which are very sensitive to air quality, so I'd never let anyone smoke indoors and I run an air purifier almost at all times)... just my personal thoughts on it

My dad's a firefighter and my mom makes him undress in the basement after a call because he seems to have an aura of smoke around him, hahaha, its kinda the same thing
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Tell her to smoke outside, or I guess in the bathroom with the fan on, which is better but not by much. Really, if I was visiting the home of someone who had recently quit I wouldn't dream of smoking inside even if they told me it was okay.

My roommate and I both smoke inside now... because he won't go outside and I hardly smoke so it doesn't matter much whether I do or not. My next apartment is a non-smoking lease (my landlord knows I smoke, and will do so outside). On purpose. I'm never smoking inside around my cat again because it's sooo bad for her. It makes me sad, when she's at my sister's running around she pants more often than her cats do, and they're middle-aged and fat.

To me, it's like smoking around a child, which I will not do, not even outside. Not even when their parents have them in the smoking section and they're both blowing it in their faces. I'm kind of upset about the inside smoking here but only three more weeks! ! When my roommate's gone I smoke outside.
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We smoke but only beside the stove with the fans running. We don't have a smoke odour in our house (so say all the people who visit - smokers and non-smokers) so the fans are doing their job. The cats don't get up on the counters or stove on that side of the kitchen so they aren't getting the smoke. When my friend visits, she smokes standing in the kitchen by the fan while we chat.
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Passive smoking is every bit as dangerous to cats as it is to children, possibly more so due to their small size.

I wouldn't let anyone smoke around my cats (but then again, I don't let anyone smoke in my house, period )
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B smokes and it didn't bother Luna or Whitey...however he does have his smoking room...the only one in the house that he's allowed to smoke in.

I do remember once Patches breathing on me and it just smelled of stale cold cigerettes...almost like ashes. It was disgusting.

Don't smoke around your cats!
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I am a smoker and no one smokes in my home. I have plenty of shelter outside if the weather is bad. Second hand smoke is as deadly to animals as it is to humans.
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Wow, a non-smoker allowing a smoker to light up in their house? I dont think I've ever seen that IRL LOL!

I'm just reiterating re: second hand smoke. My friend's beloved lab pubby died from lung cancer at ten months. She got sick and died quickly and he was so distraught he had the vets do an "autoposy" (I forget the correct term for animal autopsys). The dogs lungs were completely black and full of tumors as if she herself was the chain smoker.

My friend quit smoking immediately after that. Due to this, and esp. due to how small a 10lb cat's lungs must be, I will not allow smoking indoors around her. Better safe than sorry.
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My guest has arrived and the first thing she did was light up when she got to my house. I had to run back to work so I didn't have time to get into it with her, but I did emphasize that she can only smoke near an open window and CANNOT smoke in any room if the cat is in it or around. NO SMOKING near Astrid! I will see how tonight goes; I hope it isn't a drama.
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Your guest isn't really respecting you at all, unless you didn't tell her not to smoke inside. I hope things go well tonight!
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I agree with Zissou'sMom she is totally not respecting you or your home. I would never dream of going into someone's house and lighting up a cigarette. I have some non-smoking friends that have said it's okay to smoke and I still don't do it. If she's that good a friend you should be able to tell her how you feel about it and she should understand.
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"I do remember once Patches breathing on me and it just smelled of stale cold cigerettes...almost like ashes. It was disgusting. "

LOL! on the kitty with the dragon breath. What was he up to?
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Well, when I quit smoking after a couple of days I would cough and it would smell/taste like smoke. So gross. Maybe that's what happened to Patches. Hopefully he wasn't eating them. But he probably breathed in the smoke and then his breath smelled.
Kids whose parents chain smoke inside have the same thing. My BIL's nephew smells and coughs like a smoker himself and he's barely in britches.

Forget-me-not, how is it going with your guest? I doubt highly that a couple of days will harm Astrid much, it would just bother me if I quit smoking and finally my place didn't smell and someone waltzed in and lit up.
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There is a lot of medical reports about cats getting sick from second-hand smoke and it's just as bad for them as it is for us.

I'm afraid my personality is a bit meaner when it comes to smokers. This is my rule. NEVER SMOKE IN MY HOUSE. The balcony is ok. If anyone breaks this rule, they are NEVER permitted to come to my house EVER again. It's my home and I have the right to be as strict about it as all the smokers who have told me, "Well, it's my house, noone is going to tell me not to smoke." It didn't matter to them that the second hand smoke bothered me or that I was fearful about how it could affect my health. They didn't care. Many smokers are very selfish people, not to offend anyone who smokes but in my house, what I say about smoking goes, no ifs, ands or buts and if they don't like my no smoking rule they're just not welcome, period.

There is nothing wrong with being like this. If I lose a friendship over it, that's fine. There are other people who will at least be considerate enough to go outside. In smoker's homes I have to go outside just to not smoke a cigarrette and it's tough for me because these are all family members that I love and I feel powerless in these situations but in my home I can regain my power back for me, my boyfriend and my cats.
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My husband smokes, but he doesn't smoke in the house and we don't allow any smoking in our house. Period. If someone doesn't like that, or respect us enough to respect our choices for our home (that we spend a heck of a lot of money on every month!) then they don't need to visit. Smoking is NOT good for kitties, or anyone else.

ETA: The heat wave isn't going to hurt your friend in the few minutes it takes to smoke a cigarette. My husband smokes outside in the heat, cold, wind, rain, snow. If he wants one bad enough he'll go outside and have one. And I love having my house not smell like smoke. Gizmo just put a nasty load in the litter box and I'd rather smell a natural smell like that then the foul, dirty smell of smoke.
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Originally Posted by Forget-Me-Not
My guest has arrived and the first thing she did was light up when she got to my house. I had to run back to work so I didn't have time to get into it with her, but I did emphasize that she can only smoke near an open window and CANNOT smoke in any room if the cat is in it or around. NO SMOKING near Astrid! I will see how tonight goes; I hope it isn't a drama.
I would insist that she only smoke in one room of the house, next to an open window, so that Astrid can avoid the room. I smoke, and the only places I do so at home are the balconies, or in the kitchen, in front of an open window and with an air filtration system running 24/7. I expect guests to go/sit in the kitchen if they want to smoke.
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If your cats are not used to smoke, why in the world would you let someone smoke in the house. Asking them to not smoke in the same room will not protect the cats. They will still come into contact with it.

As a non-smoker we don't allow ANY smoking in the house. Protects us and the cats.

But you do as you please; for me, there would be NO smoking in the house period.
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Thanks all for the replies to my post. I have to let you know that my kitty Astrid has been the smartest of all. My friend the smoker tried to pet her and once Astrid smelled her hand she took off. She has stayed in her "safe zone" so far and never gone near my friend or the rooms where she smoked. I have been going to check on her and she is fine with me, but very cautious around of my friend. I have been very strict about the no-smoking rule around the cat and my guest has respected that.

My little kitty's reaction to cigarette smoke has certainly been an eye opening experience for me. I won't be tempted to light up again because of it. This cat has given me so much in the few weeks I have had her and I thought I was rescuing her. She really is making stop and think about things I didn't before.
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So since your cat is that smart, why are you still letting your guest smoke in the house. Even in the room he/she's staying will smell like smoke for a long long time.

I would hope that seeing the reaction, you'd tell your guest that smoking would be OUTSIDE only - for your cat's sake and your sake. You honestly want the smell of smoke in your house for weeks?
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Be careful about that too.

I was camping once (so we were outside!) and I was about to have a smoke and my friend had brought their dog camping. She said, let her smell the cigarette (it was unlit), she'll bark at it and back away like it's poison. Which is what the dog always does any other time she smells smoke or cigarettes.

This time, she grabbed it out of my hand and tried to eat it. We got to it before she even managed to rip the paper, but still. Animals are kind of unpredictable.

Cats are awesome, aren't they. I can't wait to have a no-smoking apartment!
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I had a non smoking house in the 70's when people thought i was nuts! I had my baby, and worked in the medical field and decided I didnt want any smoke around her. I put a sign on my front door so people knew on the way in it was a NON smoking house. I did take a lot of flack from friends and families but then they got it...they all sit on the porch or in their cars if they feel the need. My family started buying me little refrigerator magnets with funny non smoking sayins on them. My favorite is *Don't smoke in my house and I won't pee in your pool*
Now the children are all grown up and we have our cat. And actually people recognize that non smokers don't like the smell or the smoke in their homes. I dont harp on anyone to quit. If they choose to do it, its thier lungs.
But my house smells good *grin*
I hope you can convince your guest not to smoke, especially if you dont also smoke. Thats just bad manners on her part *just my opinion though*
Have a pleasant visit.
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I'm a non-smoker and so is my husband, and smoking is absolutely not permitted in our house, no ifs, ands, or butts! (Bad pun, I know)

People who smoke that visit us go outside and smoke if they want to, and that's cool. I don't pester them to quit, so long as they don't expose me to second-hand smoke.

I dated a smoker once and always made him brush his teeth after smoking, before he could kiss me. The smell of ash and smoke always clung to his clothes, though.
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The guest has gone and I think this weekend with the cat has opened her eyes too - so far, I got her not to smoke near the cat or certain rooms and not in my car. I think it is a big first step for her. And I agree that it has been rude of her not respect my wishes about this. That did tick me off.

My rent went way up with a new landlord whom I have convinced to clean the carpet and repaint the place - I think that will get rid of most of the old smoke smell.
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Ordinary repainting will not get rid of the smoke in the paint/walls. My husband redid our last house (both he and ex smoked but he quit a long time ago and banned smoking in the house). However, the smoke smell and stains were in the paint. (if you have a white color paint, it will turn yellowish from the smoking).

He had to use a costly sealent first on the walls to seal in the smoke and THEN repaint over it.
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Do you have an exhaust fan above your stove? My husband smokes but he always stands by the stove with the ashtray on the stove while he smokes with the exhaust fan on. This way it pulls the smoke straight up and out of the room so it doesn't fill the house. GL!
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