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shedding question

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I have two cats that are going to be 1 in a month or so(dumped at our place so I'm not exactly sure of their birthday)...and it seems like they are shedding a lot more now than in the past..
Is it because they are growing into their adult hair,so to speak and will shed more from here on out? Before, I never found hair on the bedspread,their cat tower or when I sweep/vac.....now I have furbunnies(instead of dust bunnies)floating across my hardwood floors. I pet them and its not like hair is flying off of them so its not EXCESSIVE..and their coats are shiny and glossy..they are short haired by the way...but hair is now on my bed and the cat tower/tree..... is this normal? Would brushing them help? How often?
Any idea on how to chase those furbunnies down?
Since they are indoors only, will they shed year around or do they still shed seasonally?
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Brushing will definitely help... also, what kind of diet are they on? Diet can sometimes cause or help shedding depending on how bad/good it is.... Oliver does have seasonal shedding though... worse in the summer.... my dog's on Nutro food and still sheds excessively in the summer, so it's not always diet... zoom groom apparently does wonders for getting out loose undercoat - I use a shed rake that works well too
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Oh, and so far, I've found you just cant escape the furbunnies!!!
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They shed more during the summer. It should be less in the winter. That's what I've noticed and mine are indoor cats.

You mentioned furbunnies ... that reminds me of something odd I've noticed. I seem to get all my furbunnies to collect in one room - the spare bathroom. There's a window perch in there, so the cats do spend time in there. But I've got no idea why there should be so much hair collecting in there and not elsewhere in the house.

Maybe if I could figure it out, you could designate one room as your furbunny room.
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Yeah, shedding is a pain, but it's worth it I can't imagine my home without my babies.

I brush them daily, and vacuum my oldest cat when I vacuum the furniture (I have no choice because she follows me around and flops down in front of the vacuum begging to be vacuumed, lol), yet I still have fur bunnies floating around, but not as bad as if I didn't brush them.
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When it gets to summertime and all these furbunnies come out, I always swear if I collected them, found some spare bones, muscles and organs, I could make 2 whole litters of Olivers and Cuddleses... haha

I tend to brush my black lab outside and let the hair blow away, and then we see birds with her hair clumps in their mouths, making nests! haha... I bet those baby birds are livin in the lap of luxury in a fur-lined nest!
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Originally Posted by BuzbyJLC10
I bet those baby birds are livin in the lap of luxury in a fur-lined nest!
Not to mention toastie warm on those cold evenings and nights
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