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2 Kittens--nursing behavior???

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We are fostering (possibly adopting) 2 female kittens. They were born (they think) around 4/8/02. My friend had been feeding their mom (a stray) and she finally brought the kittens to her when they were about 5 weeks old.

We've brought them home.THey are eating fine. THey are VERY shy and don't want to be picked up or held much---they comfort each other. One of them is continually "nursing" from the other--to the point that one kitty is always soaking wet from the other trying to nurse. As far as I know this is new since we brought them home as my friend didn't notice this.

Is this a problem? Normal behavior? THe one being nursed from doesn't seem to mind~~~but I want to find out why they are doing this..Does anyone have any advice??

Mommy to Tahia (5), Tariq (2), Nikiia (10 year old kitty), Blue Kitty---12 wonderful years with our very best friend--Died 6/25/02 after a long bout with lymphosarcoma--We miss him alot.
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Some people think this behaviour is "cute" I have one friend who thought so to and her cat grew up sucking so much on the tip of her tail that she no longer has a tip of a tail! I try to stop this behaviour but it is happening because the kittens were taken to early from mom. I have a pound puppy that I use and when I see a kitten sucking on it's brother or sister, I gently seperate them and give the sucking kitty the stuffed toy instead. My one pound puppy has been sucked on a lot, but it saves the siblings from having to deal with having their fur sucked off them. Ideally, kittens should stay with mom till 12 weeks of age.
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Hissy's right. Kittens who don't get enough time with mother can keep up this behavior into adulthood, sucking on your arm or a blanket. It's common belief that kittens can leave their mothers at 6-8 weeks, but those who really know tell you to wait until 12 weeks. I have tried a kitty nursing bottle, and that didn't work. It's not the milk they need; it's the love and "kneading" on soft and furry mother.
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