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where to you go to get such cool backgrounds??
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I make my own. I don't believe in using someone else's work, on any of my graphics. However, I know some people go to some sort of royalty photo places to get some of their backgrounds.
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I also make my own - on the rare occasion I am asked to do something that I can't make I use royalty free images (such as the Texas flag for Mon2SalemIsis)
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So far, I make my own in PSP or i use photos that I have taken myself.

I do have a bunch of tiles and wallpapers that I downloaded from sites that allow free usage or their art, but I have yet to actually use any of them.
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ok so i made a really cool background but how to i get the pictures of my kitties on there?
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You have to cut the kitties out and paste them as a new layer over the background you created.

I use ctl+c to copy the kitty once I have it cut out, and then ctl+L to paste it as a layer.

depending on what software you use, your ctl keys might be different. I am not sure though.

After you have it pasted onto you background you can use different effects to make them blend in.

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