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Does your cat snore(sp?) my cat does. does this mean she is over weight?
she is only 10pounds. How much does your cat way???
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My cat is a skinny little thing and snores constantly and loudly. Even when she's just lying down and awake she starts breathing really heavily. As soon as she's asleep it turns into more of a snore.
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No but my husband does

Sorry for the
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Nathan snores sometimes. He's not overweight. Sometimes kitties just snore. I think it's really cute when he does it.
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That was a good one Jenny82 lol. Nobody in my family snores but me papa good thing i don't live with him any more and Troy doesn't snore ::sighs in relief::
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My Trent snores sometimes. It's the cutest little snore! He's a big boy, about 16-17 pounds, but he's definitely not overweight.
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Pushy sometimes snores. I think it's adorable. He's not overweight either, just a nice cuddly 10 pounds or so.
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oh ok. I thought birdie was over weight!!
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Riley doesn't snore, but he wheezes even if he's awake. We call him the wheezer. It's 'cuz of the way his nose his.
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Stormy snores. When I take a nap, sometimes my bf doesn't know if it's me or Stormy that is snoring.
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Lukas snores & he's 12 lbs-not overweight-
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