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collar for kitten

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Do they make collars for kittens? Our 13 week kitty is just at 2 pounds now. We got a collar for her and it's too big. She is, of course, inside, but I'd feel better having a collar just in case. We also got her a tag, but it seems that it will be huge on her. Are there tiny kitten collars? At least we'd have something that would identify her if she got out. Maybe I could just write my phone number on it? I don't want to just use a ribbon or something - afraid of choking her.
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Aww look at her in the scales I waited until my two were a few months old before i put a collar on them. I've never seen any that they make for kittens though.
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Isn't she super cute? That's the kitchen scale we used for her. It's probably not totally accurate, but it's a start. We take her in on Saturday morning for a check up.
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I did the same with my two before they went for their first checkup
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Davidson is only about 10 weeks and I looked around Petsmart/Petco and I haven't found anything that small yet - we're just going to wait til he's a bit bigger to get one for him
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The only collar I found to fit a small kitten is one made for "toy & tiny breeds". I actually didn't get the idea until I saw a Chihuahua that was about as big as my Lily. There weren't many color options, but they were breakaway collars. Lily's ID tag was huge on her, too.
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Can a huge tag bother or hurt them? I don't want to hurt her and was thinking of just writing my phone number on the collar for now (once I find a collar).
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I don't mean to steal your thread but just how do you get them to leave them on!!!

Mia has one and she actually works at getting her bottom jaw under her collar and that scares me to death!!!

Again sorry for the hijack!!
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No worries!

We had put one on Starlight. The way we figured out that it's too big is that she got her front leg through it (which still on her neck) and was crying and crying!
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Originally Posted by OnTheBrink
No worries!

We had put one on Starlight. The way we figured out that it's too big is that she got her front leg through it (which still on her neck) and was crying and crying!
This can be very dangerous if you happen not to be home when she gets caught. I personally don't use a collar just in case they were to get caught in something and choke the kitty (it has happened). We had Bijou and Mika microchipped instead.
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So no collars for any cats or just for kittens?

I remember having a cat when I was little who was tattooed when she was fixed. Then, if she was found, they could shave her belly and read her tattoo. But that was probably before the microchip.

At what age can they do the microchip? When she is fixed?
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Here is the collar I buy for my girls. Scroll to the bottom of the page to Tenth Life reflective cat collar. It's adjustable from kitten size (7") to monster size (13"), firm stretch fabric, safety catch, reflectorized. As long as you don't have it too loose (for a kitten, no more than two fingers between collar and neck) the kitty won't get tangled in it.
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this is exactly the question I needed to ask. I'm unsure of whether to put a collar on Stoli AND microchip him or just microchip him. If for some AWFUL reason he got out and we couldn't lure him back in I want to make sure that someone will be able to find us. My husband said until I mentioned the microchip he wouldn't have known that a cat without a collar could still be reunited with his family.
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my cats wear BeastieBands. they're very light & soft, & can be cut to fit pretty much any size neck. i like to get mine here:
because they let you specify the color background you want, & i'm picky!
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My two have kitten collars, but I was lucky enough that my local petshop had a couple when i went in there recently. They're hard to find.
I like this site, and I'll probably get they're adult collars from there, but kittens grow so fast and make their collars tatty quite quickly I'm putting it off till then what with shipping and all.
I think this site has already been mentioned on TCS, but the kitten collars have such a wide variety that it deserves a second.
Mine are also microchipped and have been since their second set of jabs, they're now 4 months old.
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Ling's about the size of a 6-month old (6.5 lbs). She's built like a siamese/oriental and I got her a little red breakaway collar. It was the smallest one that WalMart carried and I put it down as small as I could. It still is pretty big on her. I got it only to hear where she is in the house and the fact that she tried to get outside when younger (still does) but it was easier to hear the jingle jingle.

From time to time she gets it off anyway. I don't want a tight collar on her as she may one day be shown in HHP class and I don't want a collar mark showing.

BTW the collar is an 8 in collar. Even on my adult rex it fits the same way. Guess they don't make "oriental"
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I guess I'm just worried that the collar looks bad (yup i don't like it) and i know microchipping is a good idea, i just wonder if anyone will know what to do if they find him or if they'll just keep him for themselves.
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I looked everywhere for a really cute kitten collar for Anya, and ended up getting one from here.

The girl handmakes them from grosgrain ribbon and a more sturdy backing. They have bells (removable if you wish) and a breakaway buckle. I loved them and thought they were so cute.
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My advice is to get a breakaway cat collar and adjust it to the smallest size possible. When kitty gets big enough that you can put it on with about 2 fingers going under neath, then its time to put it on. YOu need to make sure you adjust it frequently the first year or so, at least every couple of weeks do a check.
Also look for the most tightly woven durable collar you can find. Some cats are very good at shredding collars and the cheaper ones get torn up pretty quick. Suzie has a safe cat collar that has like a plastic coating. She used to wear another regular safe cat that got shredded pretty quick.
Cookie has a "yuppie cats" collar with an animal print that has a silk covering over it. I bought this one b/c Rocky had a similar one for a long time (over a year ) that held up. He had a walmart collar before that got shredded.
Zakk has been wearing a safe cat collar that is blue with a red ribbon w/ stars over it. He has had it for like two years! Can't remember what he had before.
Rocky has been wearing a lupine collar. I'm not that happy with this one b/c he has managed to shred it a bit. They have a lifetime guarantee. He had one before that he got off, and he chewed on the plastic fastener bit and it cracked. They gave me his new one free. This may be a good thing but it pops off with not much force. He doesn't usually try to get it off, usually zakk pulls it off during play fights.
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And if you looking for a harness. here is one.

its not letting me put it on.
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Are you just worried about the cat getting out and running away or is there another reason folks use collars?

I don't use a collar on any cat- I don't for dogs either, while they are indoors. The collars are attached to the leashes and hanging by the door. I think it looks unnatural, I don't like to feel them when I am petting, and God forbid a tag jangles- I'd go ballistic!

I train the animals to stay away from doors, and only have adults going in and out. This plus tattoos and microchips is enough to keep me comfortable.

I'm not being contrary- I just don't get collars on indoor cats.
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I have mine wear them basically for ID purposes should they get out. It also makes for a great fashion statement. I really should get them chipped, but I think a collar is a good backup and much quicker than a chip. Assuming it hasn't come off!
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Mine is for ID purposes. Anya is always so intrigued by outside and I'm afraid if she ever did run out the door and get away from us she'd be gone. I hate the thought that she would have to go ALL the way to the shelter or animal control and have her chip scanned before she came back to us. With a collar and ID one of our neighbors could scoop her up and bring her right to us.

And I'm not big on dangling ID tags either. My cats have always seemed annoyed by them. Not to mention they dip them in their water and food bowls. So I bought Anya one of these. The collar laces through it so it doesn't dangle, but it's still a durable stainless steel. They make them for breakaway collars too and they're really easy to put on.
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Originally Posted by zak&rocky
I have mine wear them basically for ID purposes should they get out. It also makes for a great fashion statement. I really should get them chipped, but I think a collar is a good backup and much quicker than a chip. Assuming it hasn't come off!
that's what mine are for. Pixel never tries to go out, but the other 3 will, at times. i also have id tags from boomerang on their collars, with their names, my phone numbers, & a message that reads "if you see me outside i am lost. reward" the tag is printed on both sides, so it also has the word "over" at the bottom of each side. i chose the heart-shaped tags. then they also have their rabies tags on there. they all tried removing their collars when they first got them, but not anymore. they're used to them & the jingling of the tags, as well. Cable & Pixel both also have bells, but i have to get those separately, & haven't yet for Java & Chip, my most recent arrivals...& with 2 tags on the collar, they don't really need the bells to be heard, anyway.
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I have a collar on Cooper. He wouldn't wear one when he was little, but he'll wear it now. I just thought it would be so cute on him!!! I also want to put his tags on him because he LOVES to run out the door. I want him to be able to get home quickly if he gets lost.

I haven't been able to find one for Pouncer yet. She only weighs 2 pounds. But Pouncer is microchipped, so I feel at least a little hope if she gets out. Well, I'll feel ok as soon as I send in the microchip registration!
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