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Cat Farm

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Another weird photo from me......
This graphic was inspired by Spot, of course.


Who says they have never seen a herd of Dairy Cat's?
Common' Who?!

P.S. I thought I submitted this earlier… I may have made a mistake..... So I apologize if I did this twice... (yikes)

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Oh sure, I know about Dairy Cats! The females are Herefords and the Toms are Himfords.
That picture is absolutely priceless!
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What a GREAT way to have a lot of kitties
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It's good to see evidence of something I've suspected all along! By the way, do they each have their own little bell?


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Mr. Cat -

My ribs hurt from laughing!! That's a great idea... cow bell-cat bell... What's the difference? LOL! You know, I was thinking of creating a dysfunctional line of greeting cards with these strange cat graphics I have been posting ....

A picture is worth,a little more than, a thousand words, huh?

Do you think this wackey idea could fly ? <grin>

=^,, ^=
=^,, ^=

Kim and the boys
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Kim, I really enjoy seeing the pictures you post. They are so imaginative and funny!

If you started your own line of dysfunctional cards I'd buy them.
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Hmmm, now 'dysfunctional' sounds kind of harsh. Actually, I think cats are quite the opposite. Heck, they probably look at me as the dysfunctional one.... It's their moods that I am trying to capture.

RETRACTION: The Word Dysfunctional not to be used, the new description will be......Cattiude Adjustment

LOL! I'm working on a new design that I will be posting later today. A cat that responds to "Dog Commands." Like, "Sit", "Roll over", A cat that will bring you your slippers, knock the mail man over or maybe catch a frisbee.

Whew! You know, I have so much fun in this forum. It's not often that I have these "outrageous moments" where I can spend time digitally manipulating my cats...I think I will back up my files today! <Grin>

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I think you'd do well, commercially. To be honest I thought you might be a pro already.
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Acutally, I am a graphic designer by day.... Spears Ward & Company Graphic Designs - Been designing magazines, books, logos, etc...for over 16 years. Eeeew! That really makes me sound ancient. Geeze, I'm only 35 but I'm hanging on to my 30's with my claws. Ack!

The trouble is....I'm so busy designing everyone else's marketing material, I rarley have time to play with my own ideas... As a matter of fact, I should be working on the "Re-Design" of my OWN web site right now BUT Noooooooooo! I'm having more fun playing in thecatesite.com this weekend... LOL!

It nice to have a cat place for us humans, who happen to love our furry little kids... plus who else would appreciate sharing cat photo's? LOL!

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Kim - go for it! Your posts of these pics are wonderful!
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Great picture! :LOL:
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