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Need help please

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Okay sorry if this is a stupid thread (or in the wrong forum) but I need some opinions from experienced kitten owners.

I was fostering this kitten through my humane society. I took her there three weeks ago for her spay and she was adopted right after. I had her new family all lined up before I sent her for the spay and I know the people who adopted her. Well last night, I saw the kitten for the first time in three weeks and she looks totally different. Now, she has A LOT of black all over her back, on her sides and tail. Her back is mostly black with a hint of tabby now. I think the humane society messed up and sent our friends home with the wrong cat. Can you please tell me if it's at all possible the kitten's markings just changed drastically in a few weeks?

(photos are clickable) Here's the kitten before her spay... I wish I had pics of her now.

Also - the kitten was reunited with her mom last night, too. Well the kitten was extremely afraid of her mom, she was hissing and growling - like she'd never seen this cat before in her life. Could a kitten forget her mom in three weeks time??

Before I call the humane society and freak out, I need to know it's possible that my assumptions are incorrect. I know it's good that (possibly) a different kitten got a good home, but what happened to MY foster???
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Sound to me like there was a mix up! I know kittens coloring can change, but not THAT fast!
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