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It's all happening!!

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I got a job yesterday!! Woohoo!! It's a really interesting sounding job in the marketing area of a software company. The people sound fantastic - really motivated and enthusiastic. The manager usually works remotely, so it will generally be self managed which is nice! It's pretty close to home, so I can ride there and back which will also be nice.

So I start on Tuesday, and I also start studying next week, part time, externally from Australia (2 subjects a semester)! Next week will be nuts!

As well as that, my husband flies back to Australia tonight for a geek conference, and will be gone for a week and a half, so not only misses my first days of uni and work, but also misses our first wedding anniversary which is this weekend

He better get me something nice from Australia to make up for it
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Congratulations on your new job. I'm sorry your husband won't be there for your anniversary, but at least you will have lots of stuff to keep you busy. {{{{{Happy Anniversary}}}}}
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Congrats on the new job! And happy anniversary too! I'm sure your hubby will more than make up for being away when he gets home.
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on the job!!!
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I'm a little sad too, because I have to give up my shifts at the animal shelter, and my little Stumpy girl will be on her own during the day

Since we've had her I haven't been working, so have been in and out throughout the day and spend lots of time hanging out with her (she's sitting on the couch with me right now trying to chew my hair...), and now she'll be on her own all day every day!

Poor baby. She'll probably end up with so many "guilt toys"
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