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Spider bite with pic

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On Tuesday I saw an injury on my cat’s hand since he is taking antibiotics I didn’t take him to the vet. Today I washed his hand, I took a closer look and it looked very bad so I took him to the vet and I was told it’s a spider bite. Have any of you seen a spider bite like this one?

I didn't know how to make the picture smaller i really hope it doesn't get deleted by a mod.

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Ouch! That looks nasty, good thing he's already on antibiotics.
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Spider bites can turn into some very nasty sores- that venom is corrosive! Good thing you had it looked at!
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Poor kitty1 Thank you for taking him to the vet. Hope it heals quickly!
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That does look nasty. I never realized that spiders bites did that!Sending get well quickly wishes to your kitty.
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Thank you all. The vet told me the antibiotics that he is taking for the urinary infection is what saved him. I been searching for the spider in the house, but I can’t find it.
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Poor baby! Spider bites are definitely nasty, they pack a lot of venom into such a small creature.

You're very lucky he wasn't a lot worse - and it sounds as though it was very lucky he was on antibiotics!
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what the heck kind of spider has venom like that around where you live???
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Brown Recluse Spider bites are very serious and can take months to heal.
The biggest problem is that the damage is deeper than what you see on the outside. I am not trying to scare you or to be negative, just want you to know what you are up against.

A young lady at at my school got a Brown Recluse bite last August and it was not under control until November. She had several minor surgeries to remove dead tissue, MRIs to make sure it hadn't spread to the bone (the bite was on the shin). She has a dime-sized scar and we are pleased it isn't worse.

Most experts agree that there is not a truly effective cure, just supportive treatment as it goes through its cycle. Antibiotics and steroids are usually given for a long period of time, though there are some experts who feel that they do no good. The dead tissue is going to need to be removed, npossibly several times over the treatment period. You will need to be aggressive about taking her in to be checked and treatment adjustments - sometimes daily. Inspect the area several times a day and call the vet if you have a question or notice a change. Activity level is usually restricted (yeah, right) to give the body a chance to focus on healing. The area must be kept clean.

Good luck and positive thoughts.
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I hope it wasn't a brown recluse spider, sending many good vibes and thoughts.
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any word??????
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It looks like it’s healing. I applied Epsom Salt with cotton to the area. I was wondering if the damage to the skin from a Brown Recluse Spider is the same in animals and humans. I don’t remember the name of the spider, Andy was screaming like crazy, and I was very nervous. I think she said Brown Recluse, I will ask again. I will take him to the vet when I get money, it would be on Tuesday. He needs a blood test, he is taking Phenobarbital for seizures, I don’t think he has epilepsy, nobody knows what he has, different story. Seizures, urinary infection, and now a spider bite and not any spider. It’s tough.

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Ohhh poor thing Spider bites are horrible.

I'm from Australia where every spider bite generally either makes you very sick or causes tissue to die...

I hope she makes a full recovery soon and it's not too expensive!
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gosh, i HATE spiders and couldn't imagine living in a place where i was constantly afraid of them....
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I just got back from the vet and she told me it’s a Brown Recluse Spider that got Andy. His hand looks better. He needs to take more Zenequin tabs. The tabs for the spider bite wasn't expensive, but with all the medical problems we just went over $1,000 i think in 2 months.
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oh my oh my. so what will happen to his paw? Was this awful spider in your house???????
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I know from personal experience that a brown spider bite is very painful. I hope he makes a quick and complete recovery.
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i just called my sister in Tennessee. i want to know if she's seen them. she has a baby and a dog.
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Thank you all , it’s scary because the infection is spreading but at the same time is healing. Yes, the spider is inside the house and I can’t find it. Andy is an indoor cat.

If I had a baby I would move things around the baby all the time, and I would keep the crib away form the wall.
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I hate spiders!!!!!! when i use to live in Tn. I will always saw Black wedows(sp?)
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so what has happened with the spider bite??????
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I hope your cat continues to recover. I would be scared to know that the spider was still in my house though.
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