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Is Butter O.K. as a treat?

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Since being adopted by a stray I've learned what I can about nutrition for our furry pal. I know cow milk isn't good for cats, but we first attracted her with cheese. We stopped feeding her cheese, even in small amounts as a treat - but what about butter? She loves it more than anything, so we still give her a couple of licks worth at the end of a finger from time to time. Is this bad for her? I love chocolate, and it's not good for me!
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I feed my guys butter, and also mayonnaise. They all love mayo. I also have one that loves yogurt and cottage cheese and they all love cheese. Just as long as you don't feed them to much or make it the only source of food.
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Sometimes I'll offer my cats a few licks of butter. The only one who likes it is Sampson and he doesn't seem to have any troubles with a little bit here and there.
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Thanks for the replies - she loves it so much, but I didn't want to be harming her health.
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It's funny the things you can give to your cats as a treat! One of my cats like to drink tea! I don't mean a awhole cup of tea (now that would definitely be strange!)..just the bit thats left over in the bottom of the mug . I also sometimes give my cats a bit of cheese (by a bit I mean like 2-3 tiny pieces) and sometimes fresh meat like chicken, pork or fish . Don't worry! You're not doing your kitty any harm.

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Cheese is good for circulation.Yogurt has Laciphidillis that is good for there digestive systems.My cat loves cheese,cottage cheese and yogurt..even Cream Cheese.I'm getting hungry.
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I have no idea if this is true or not so please don't quote me on this, but I once had someone tell me that butter was a good way to help a cat from getting hair balls? Could just be an old wives tale, but my kitty who is now 16 has always loved human food. That cat would eat just about anything you give her. I remeber one day I apparently wasn't sharing to her standars so as I at my blueberry muffin she ran up & took a bite out of the other end & took off with her bite to hide & eat it. My cat unfortunaly has CRF now, so I don't give her human food treats, except on a rare occasion. However, on of her favorites, White Rice if you can believe it, I've been told by a vet is Ok & will not damage her kidneys. When I go away, I do have who ever is going to give her, her high blood pressure pill, put it in cheese so that she will take it from them. So long story short (Too late) I think a little butter now & again is not such a horrible thing.
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Our cat eats butter, Honeycomb cereal and any food our 10 month old drops on the floor. She seems to love the extra treats.
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Yeah - dropping food on the floor is a good way to find out if they like something! I don't feed the cats human food except the butter and cheese as treats - but I spilled a couple Cheerios the other day, and Lazlo lapped them up!
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My cat tried coca cola for the first time tonight. I left my glass sitting on the table and came back into the kitchen to find her with her head clear down in the glass lapping away! She didn't seem to like it to much. I think it made her hyper though...she's been more active than usual tonight. It's a hoot! Probably not good for her but I don't think she'll be doing it again any time soon.
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I just asked the vet this... the oil in butter, mayo etc does help with hairballs... also in moderation it can keep a cat from becoming constipated. In excessive amounts, it can cause diarrhea, but if you limit the amount it is not harmful.

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I am putting a little butter on the end of my finger to get my feral momma Goldie to trust me a little more and NOT see my fingers as a chew toy or a scratching post! She really seems to like it!
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Our cat will only eat Country Crock margarine. I bought a different kind of butter once and she turned her nose up.
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Staph loves butter -- actually I should say Country Crock. He also loves tortilla's. Go figure! He does get "tastes" of what I am eating. Sometimes he will eat it and other times he looks at me like are ya kidding me.

The one thing I do give him in very small bits is ham. I know, nitrates are bad for him but it is better then having him sit on my arm trying to get it while I am eating my sandwhich. He loves ham!!

Moderation is key!

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Country Crock must be the butter choice of cats!! LoL :tounge2:
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Loki loves Ham but only Russers 99% fat free ( I guess a have a weight concious boy )
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Whiskers goes absolutely crazy for Custard (baby food jar). I found this out one time when I left the cover of the jar on the table and she snuck up to the table, grabbed the cover and his so she could lap it all up. It was pretty funny!
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