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6 month old male starting to spray

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Ok, this kitten has an appointment to be neutered in a couple of weeks, he'll be 6 months on August 3rd.
He has started to spray though, and I'm worried he won't stop peeing in inappropriate places even once he is neutered because he has started already.
What do you think the average success rate is for stopping this behavior once neutered if they've started?
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I'd confine him to a room you can clean up so he doesn't continue marking in a lot of places. Then scrub everywhere he's marked - Nature's Miracle is good stuff.

He should stop spraying once neutered. Perhaps there are other outside toms around or a female. Keep in mind they will still think/act like males for about a month after neutering and CAN get females pregnant at that time (about 30 days) so be sure he's separated from any females in heat.
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I was hoping to get more responses, specifically anyone who has had a cat that sprays, then had him nuetered, and what the outcome was? Did he still spray?
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Simon never sprayed till he was about a year old...then we moved to a new apartment where my brother had lived with his unspayed female. He then started spraying CONSTANTLY on anything that was around...couches, floors, laundry, me...he'd even crawl into my drawers and do it on my laundry. It was the closest I've ever been to killing him. I got him neutered about a month after this all started, and spent the entire night he had to spend @ the vet's scrubbing the stink out of my place. When he came home, he didn't spray, but he did have trouble making it to the litter box for a day or two...he'd potty on the floor a foot away, but it was just pee, not spray (believe it or not, it's 2 different things). But, after that, he didn't ever spray again. But i did have to burn my couch!
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I'm glad to hear he did stop though...
This kitten peed AND pooped on my couch this morning
I wish I could afford to take him in to be neutered right this minute, but I can't for a couple more weeks. I guess he'll have to spend a lot of time in the bathroom unless someone is able to keep a constant eye on him til then.
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