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The only book I can remember not finishing was Lord of the Rings, and I attempted it at least three times. I'm not a big Fantasy fan (though I love the whole HP series). I was disappointed in The DaVinci Code, too. I suppose it was just hyped too much.
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I know. i cant finsh my books too.
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Originally Posted by WellingtonCats
I saw the Da Vinci Code and I absolutey loved it - got the book out and it's still sitting on my desk. I've tried time and time again to read it but it just puts me to sleep!

Same with the Hobbit.
You know Sam, its funny you should say that. I am a huge, devoted LOTR fan and yet it took me four tries to actually finish The Hobbit. I was very young, only about 13, and yet I couldn't understand why I was struggling so much. I left it until I was a bit older and then did get through it and loved it, and then I went on to The Lord of The Rings.

One day you'll do it!!
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I usually finish what I read. But there was this one book, I was soooooo into, Lightning by Dean Koontz. It was so good. I had 200 some odd pages left, and some one stole it my senior year of highschool. (98) About two years ago I came across another copy and I will be dog oned if it didn't disappeared....
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Very very rare this happens, can't remember a recent occasion, although I can remember not being able to get through Interview with a Vampire when I was younger - but love it now. And I think I struggled with Dracula and Frankenstein. And anything like Jane Austen, Charles Dickens I can't do. I am trying to get through some really boring true life ghost type books my boss lent me at the moment - even my neighbour said they were boring, but as I have been lent them, I feel obliged to finish them. Need to go and get some decent fiction next week to help me through it though!! And I agree with Isle of Dogs, I hated that book, but it was a holiday book, so I didn't have much choice, I had limited stuff with me!! Dont think it came back of hols though!!
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Anything having to do with history, or any Stephen King books. He just drones on and on about one single thing for paragraphs and it totally loses me.
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Non-LOTR fans -

Don't worry those books are hard to read. Somehow I made it through them despite the headaches I would get.
My downfall when reading is I picture everything in my head while I read and then read every word. When I read LOTR, Tolkien would describe every single little flower that was on the hill that Frodo and Sam were running up and away from the dark knights/kings. I would get headaches from the image overload. So I really wanted to finish the books, so I began to skip over paragraphs which helped generalize things more.
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Originally Posted by Yarra
Ok, yall are probablly going to kill me, but I could not get through the 5 Harry potter book. Read the first four in practically one sitting. LOVE the movies. But the 5th could not hold my attention. I really need to give it a go again. I think it was so long between the fourth and 5 book, that I just lost intrest???

I have no clue. But maybe now that the Goblet of Fire is a movie, and I have seen it, I can try reading the 5th book again since I am caught up.
Not at all - but I will say, while it is very different in style from the first four (and it is) - the book could have been a lot worse - I still would love it for the last 100 pages. Do try it again. Skim if you have to. The ending - that's where it's at.
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I'm a pretty avid reader, so I usually don't have trouble getting through anything I want to read, but I just couldn't get through LOTR. I loved the movies (and I loved them for the story, not just the good-looking actors) and I love fantasy (including Anne McCaffrey, sorry Mirinae) but I just couldn't get through them, no matter how hard I tried.

Maybe someday.
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