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Personal Cat Couch

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I'm thinking Spot "digs" his new couch.......

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Kim check out the sticky in the lounge about the cat captions contest. You should send this picture in to Anne to post in the new forum! What a cute kitty!

Cat Caption Contest
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Another treasure, Kim! What a photogenic cat!
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It's the world's largest domestic cat! You must spend a fortune on food alone. It must be funny when you telephone a large-animal veterinarian and say you want her or him to stop by and give your house cat a check-up!

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What a cutie! Where did you find that wonderful couch?! My guys would LOVE that.
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What a neat little couch!! I'm curious as to where you got that as well. She looks like she really enjoys it!
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What's funny about that couch is that it's actually Doll Furniture and I don't have a daughter... Just me, my husband, my 11 year old son and four boy kitties. I'm surrounded by GUYS! HELP!

I found the furniture at a craft store for about $7.00. Once in a while, I will splurge on my furry kids and buy them stuff like that. This store also has really cute accessories like glasses, hats, clothing, etc... Of course, all of this was meant to fit porcelain dolls, but I found that they also fit cats, too. LOL!

The cats make great models, even though they end up "bunny kicking" half of the props I put on them! If my cat's could talk they would probably say, "Oh God, here she comes with that camera and box of annoying toys, RUN!" Really, it's more like play time to them.....I'm lucky if I can get a good shot. They probably think that I am nuts.:tounge2:

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That is such a cute picture!! I agree, you should send it to Anne to post in the cat caption contest!
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