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I've never seen a kitten like this before

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A few weeks ago my friend gave me a kitten. He's the cutest little yellow tiger kitten you ever saw! And he's also the craziest cat I've ever met! Unless he's sleeping, it's full speed ahead. If you walk across the floor, Sunny WILL attack you. If you pick him up, he WILL claw your arms and bite. He takes great delight in tormenting the other animals. He's not afraid of Gizmo at all, and beats up on her until she runs away (I've never seen Gizmo run away from any living thing). Sasha hisses and swats and growls at him, and I'd never seen Sasha act like that before. She doesn't even swat or hiss when the dog is picking on her. He chose the biggest dog in the house as his playmate. He will also run and launch himself at the dogs (4 dogs between 16 and 100 lbs). He will run and attack and torment everyone in the house until he's panting and out of breath. But he won't stop at that point. I've resorted to putting him in a cage for a while to calm down. When I put him in the cage he immediately lays down and goes to sleep for a few hours. But when he wakes up and I let him out, he goes right back at it.
Playful kittens are normal and healthy, I know, but this little guy seems to take it to extremes!
Anyone have experience with a kitten like this? I've had cats literally my whole life, 25 years, and I can't remember ever having a kitten like this.
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I adopted a kitten this last weekend (July 15th), and she's pretty crazy, too. If she's not sleeping, she's either chasing someone, playing with the dogs and chewing on their feet, or chewing things she shouldn't be. She likes to jump onto my lap when I'm on the computer and start biting and scratching my legs, and when I put her on the floor, she does it again. When I get I bed, she runs around on the blanket, and bites/scratches wherever she wants. She's a little troublemaker, but I love her anyways. :
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I had one like that once. Zack would fly around my appartment - literally - up the walls, across the top of the curtain rods... You never knew where he was going to come at you from. His favorite place to be was behind the couch. If someone sat down he would reach one paw over the top and feel around until he made contact with something and then try to pull that thing (person) behind the couch with him. If you sat in a kitchen chair he would sneak up behind and nail you in the butt. I think this was part kitten activity and part "I want to be an outside cat" activity.
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Well it'll be tough crud for Sunny if he wants to live outside. That ain't happening!

So did your wild thangs grow up to be more calm adult cats, or did they pretty much stay that way as adults?
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Neutering will help Sunny with the kitten crazies TREMENDOUSLY. Captain Steuben (who is now 4 months old) was literally the biggest spazz I've ever met...he was neutered 2 weeks ago, and already I'm seeing a difference in behavior...he'll actually pursue some lap-time, will calmly sit on the couch (front mitted paws crossed), and observe the other cats and dogs for periods of 20 minutes at a time now...before he was literally flying from one end of the room to the next, attacking imaginary and real objects and creatures, galloping up and down stairs, biting and attacking everything that moved (or didn't), and generally behaving freakishly.

My answer to your question is yes, Sunny will calm down as he gets older. Neutering is an ESSENTIAL, not only for the good of the animal, but for your sanity as well.
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Loomis was like that when he was young. He would randomly land on your head out of nowhere, or just land on your chest as you were walking down the hall. That's why we named him Loomis, because he loomed up on us out of the blue.

He's nine months old now and has calmed down considerably. He is still what I would call an active cat but the crazies have stopped.
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OH he will definitely be neutered. All of the dogs and cats in my house are fixed as soon as they are old enough. But the spay/neuter clinic I use has a couple weeks' waiting list, and he's not quite big enough yet. They like to wait until they are 3 pounds, and right now he's right around 2. But he's BIG, twice as big as his littermate that my friend kept, so he'll be at 3 pounds in no time and then he's getting fixed.

Gizmo wasn't nearly this wild as a kitten (not wild as in feral, which he's not, but wild as in...crazy!) but she's nearly 5 years old now and has just started calming down.
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I've had that happen to me once with a kitten that was orphaned at 10 days old. She never had a cat mom to teach her how to be respectful of others and really got out of hand with the other critters in my house.

Did this kitten by chance get separated from his mom at an early age (e.g. before 8 weeks old)?

Spaying this girl didn't calm her down. It has taken a lot of patience and redirection on my part to teach her to be respectful of others. At 3 years old, she still pounces on others from time to time, but she is a LOT calmer than when she was young. Her name btw is Koko-Nut with a big emphasis on the "Nut".
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I've had some energetic kittens but your's sounds like a real bundle of energy, lol He sounds adorable though.
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I think he was 5 or 6 weeks old. Too young, but nothing I can do about it. My other wild thang was about the same age when I got her (dumped in a horse barn) but she's nowhere near as wild.

He'll be getting neutered as soon as the clinic will take him.
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