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Question About moving cats....

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I just have a question that I would like some advice on...

Ok..I have two cats, Ninnie (about 10 years) and Bumper (approx..6 years) they are both spayed females. The beginning of the year we have had soem episodes where Ninnie was peeing all over the house so we took her to the vets and she had bladder stones. She had surgery and all is well now. But my husband and I have bought a enw house and we should see it in about 4 weeks. While we are moving I am goingto take my cats to my grandmothers house so they dont get all freaked out about everyone there and use moving everything. So here is my question..do you think they will be ok when I take them there and leave them for abouta week adn then bring them back to the new house?

I am going to be putting there litter box in the new laundry room (its in our bedroom now..eww). I was thinking about putting our dog gate up at the entrance of the laundry room for like a week keeping them inside so they get the idea of that is where the litter box is.

I am scared that if I let them out they are going to pee all over the house cause its someplace new and they wont knwo where there litter box is. If this happens i am scared my husband will make me get rid of them.

Please someone help me..I am totally clueless..
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When I moved into my new apartment I brought the cats in first and locked them in the bathroom with the liter box, food and water. It only took a few hours for me to move in compleetly. I let them out to allow them to explore a couple rooms, but if they got spooked they could run back to the bathroom. over the next few days I opened the doors to more rooms. I think easing them into a new situation is compleetly necessary so it's not to traumatizing. I have not had much of a peeing problem with them ever, no bladder stone issues so I don't know if my approach will work for you. I suggest keeping them confined until all of the heavy furniture is moved so little furry paws and tails don't get trod upon. Good Luck
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That is why I think I am goingto leave them at my grandmas til we get everything moved. It should only take us a couple of days. I was just not sure about how to go about letting them explore. I think I mgiht keep t hem confined while I am at work and then in theveening let them explore more adn more each night unti I can trust them..

Thank you very much
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