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Daily thread 20.07.06

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Morning all!
Just 1 more sleep until I'm off work for a while! Counting down the hours!
Had an awful night sleep last night, Nismo had me up 5 times with one thing or another. If I shut her out she just cries and claws the carpet and the door. She also jumped up on the phone table outside our bedroom door and knocked everything off so I almost died of fright at the bang. She'll grow out of it I'm sure....
The weather has gone downhill here good old Scottish weather
Hopefully it will be nice again next week while I'm off.
Have a great day
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Nismo, what are you like?!!

I didn't sleep well last night, yet feel strangely perky today! We had a jolly good down pour last night, so my garden's thirst has been quenched! It is still very hot though and we're predicted periods of sun!

I have to bake a sample of cakes today - to chek they're okay for a charity even next week! Fingers crossed they taste good!

Have a great day everyone - not long 'til the weekend!!
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Morning! It's cloudy here today with a few drops of rain but we need a good downpour

With it being so warm i've been leaving my bedroom curtains open a bit for a breeze, but because it's light in the room Miss Sophie thinks it's time for mum to get up earlier than normal by yelling at the door at the top of her voice to go downstairs!

I finish next friday for my 2 weeks holiday
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Goodness, British cats sound very loud and demanding!
Enjoy your upcoming holidays Lauren & Susan. I hope the weather's nice still while you're off.
Sarah, send some of those cakes my way if you need any help with taste tests!
I'm just trying to stay awake before heading off to work today. I have to face the demon cat again today, so that's something to look forward to.
Thunderstorms are predicted for this afternoon, which will be shame as my hubby wants to golf.
We have an insurance inspector coming round to photo the building today. I hope nothing's wrong. Last night I had to remove all the planters I have on my balcony as I have the distinct feeling I'm breaking a few bylaws with them and I don't want to hear about it from the landlords!
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Good Morning everyone

We are finally getting the rain that we need...the only thing is that is last for about 30 mins and that's it!! So we need one good night of rain so it can saturate the ground. I hope they take us off the water restrictions soon, so we can start watering our grass more than twice a week!!

Once again its going to be up 100 Today!! (w/ no complaints!!)

Thank goodness this work week is almost over, I am going to sleep in late on saturday b/c I really need it!!

Have a good Thursday (and wed night for Huggles )
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Good Morning all! We got a good dowsing yesterday as I was leaving work. The road was so hot that it made steam and made it quite hard to see. But the rain didn't last long. We also didn't see any at my house. Oh well.

Phenom was my wake up call this morning aswell. She was in an unusually playful mood at 5:30 AM. She jumped on the bed and played with the pillow case right next to my head until I got out of bed. Then hurried downstairs to beg for food. Silly girl!

Have a great Thursday, and to all of you who are ready for bed, Have a great Friday!
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Good Morning kitty lovers!

Got up extra early today to get my clothes and stuff ready for my interview I have this morning at 10:45. I'm not even nervous Is that a good thing, or not?

Didn't do much last night, did some cleaning (much needed) and relaxed a bit.

Thank goodness its Thursday.... which means tomorrow is FINALLY Friday

Hope you all have a great day
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good evening everyone

I am too tired to type much or respond to what everyone is doing.... I am shattered... why oh why does my daughter wake so early in the morning

ahhh life is great though! really it is! I love life....

but now I am off to bed

goodnight... tomorrow its friday
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Good Morning Everyone!!!

So far today is great! I slept ok last night (only woke twice!) and got a wake up call from LuckyGirl this morning. She brought her crinkle ball to my head, and sat there patiently waiting with the most adorable look on her pretty little face. So I threw it out into the hall, she goes after it, then brings it back... this went on for about 10 minutes till I got up. I had to fish them all out last night... she has to have 8 of those crinkly balls around my house, but they all end up under something. Last night I found 4 under our daughter's dresser, 4 cat nip mice under the couch, 2 other balls under the couch, 3 toys under the entertainment center, 1 under the computer desk, 1 under the buffet in my dining room, and 1 under my bed. Meowmy spent almost an hour searching for her crinkle balls.... and LuckyGirl was right there to assist in finding them by happily blocking the light from the flashlight!

In my last 3 weeks of eating healthy, and giving up most carbs, I have finally lost 7lbs! I am so happy because it was really starting to get disheartening with my not eating anything bad for me and not losing anything.

Hope everyone has a great day!!!
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Just called work and told them that I won't be in today. Later, I will go in, just long enough to QUIT!!!!

Had an interview, yesterday and was hired on the spot. This morning, I am going in, to do paperwork and get a drug test - I start on Monday. I suppose that I COULD finish out the week, at my current job but, I decided that I deserve a long weekend

The new job is back in my old field (collections), pays more money, has a shorter commute and less stress. No more getting up, at 5 a.m., either - I don't go in until 10.
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Congratulations Cindy! Have fun quitting and enjoy your long weekend!

You hit the 10,000 post mark with that post too!
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Good morning!

I have to go to work (first day alone) in a little over an hour.. for eight hours alone in a tiny pet store. I think we had a total of four people come in during the whole eight hours we were there on Tuesday.. and at least I had someone to talk to. I'm taking CD's and a huge stack of books today, because if I don't, I might just go insane.. I know I'm getting paid for this, but still..

Hope everyone else has a good day, though.
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Well we got 1/2 inch of much needed rain last night!!!!!
The governor of WI still though has declared a state of emergency due to the mild to severe drought in the upper 4/5th of Wisconsin. This means farmers can pump water out of streams and lakes. Those TCS'er in the Milwakee area are lucky as they have been getting the the rain.
Bought up some glass jars for canning my raspberry sauce last night and didn't have the tray securely on the chest freezer-it dropped and broke 4 of the 9 jars. And me with no shoes on!!
More weeding/ripping our underperforming/self seeded perennials. Got pretty muddy. Some errands later and start house cleaning as my mom and cousin are driving her tomorrow morning for some shopping!!

Enjoy the day.....
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this is a easy way to keep your house cool. Shut your shades.Put sheets up (dark color). put the AC on. And have a cool house!!!

have a cool day!!!!!
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