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Majesty's Home!!!!!!!!!!

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We found her in the boat!!! We are soo happy to have her back!
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I would confine her in one room and go in there at least twice a day and sit on the floor and just read to her, so she gets used to you being there. Then eventually start playing with her, feed her special treats, get her used to being handled and treat her special. From the pics you show of her, she does not look like a very happy indoor cat, so I would work to change that if I were you.
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Thanks for the advice Hissy! She is going to stay in my room for a couple of days or longer. She lived out on an acreage and she got to run out in the barn all day, but I think once she get's used to it, she'll be a happy indoor cat. I will visit her more than twice a day probably and talk to her and give her special treats and i'll try and get out to the pet supply store and buy her something special.
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Vader, I suggest that you spend more time than that with her. My kitties were with me from the time I got home until I went to bed, and then they slept with me. Twice a day-even for 1/2 hour is not much time when you're trying to socialize her. Could you read or watch t.v. in the same room as Majesty is in, so that she is almost always around people? I'm very glad she's been caught, but she wasn't missing, was she? She was staying around the house with the stray you wanted to rescue, right?
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Yes, but the stray is gone now. I think I'm gonna move her into another room where ther's more people going in and out. I am going to try and be with her as much as I can, so that's probably going to be most of the day since I usually never leave the house.
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I can imagine how relieved you are to have found Majesty! You've quite the task in front of you, but with your love of cats there's no doubt it will pay off.

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I know it will be hard for her to make the transistion from an outdoor cat to an indoor cat, and it will take awhile for me, but like Joe said, it will pay off!
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Glad to hear Majesty is home!
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I can not believe I missed this! I am so happy you found Majesty! I have been waiting to see if you would get her. I was so sad for you when you could not get her in.
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