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Dead ringer!

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Ok, I have to admit I am a little crazy with pictures of Maia! Hereare what I think are some gorgeous pictures of her in the mirror again that I just got tonight! She is such a camera ham, I swear she was poseing for these pics!

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Yes she certainly knows she's gorgeous!!
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Those are beautiful!!
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I think this little kitty thinks they look gorgeous in the mirror!
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Wow, those are great pictures!
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It's a kitty Narcissus!
Careful she doesn't drown in her own reflection

She knows she's beautiful, and doesn't mind sharing her beauty.
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What a beauty!!!! Obviously she has a great self-esteem!!!! Awww!!!!!!!
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I am so excited! Maia is in the top 10 of the contest we entered! if you want to check it out, here is the link.....

This is a pic of her a couple of months ago in te mirror.......thanks everybody!
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She is pretty!!
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