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A couple of unwelcomed peeing episodes...

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Our cat Katie (female spayed) is approximately a year old. We got her from the shelter in March after our cat Max passed away. She was listed as a stray. Katie is a very sweet cat, not too cuddly, but does like to be around my wife and I. We also have a cat Bailey (male neutered) who is 2. They get along well but have different personalities. Bailey is outgoing and is an energetic cat, and Katie keeps to herself a little more, but still plays with Bailey on her terms (a few times a day).

My wife and I are in the process of adopting twins (6 months old).

Here is my question:

About a month ago my wife and I went to a garage sale and brought home a large ladybug shaped activity gym, for the twins that lays on the floor. My wife put a blanket on it that her mother had sent us, so that the cats wouldn't get a lot of hair on it if they layed on it while it was on the floor. About 15 mins after she put it down Katie was on it, squatting to pee and pee'd on it before we realized what she was doing. The gym was thoroughly cleaned, washed in the washer and stored until the kids come home.

She hadn't done it again. Until yesterday.

We had just returned from a 5 day visit to see our kids. When we came home it was late, so my wife went to bed and I stayed up for a couple of hours then went to bed.

When we woke up this morning my wife discovered that Katie had pee'd on our bed in the middle of the night while we were sleeping. She pee'd through a comforter, sheets, and a thick blanket that was doubled over at the foot of the bed that they sleep on, all the way down to the mattress.

I know that sometimes introducing something new in to the house or leaving the cats alone for extended periods, while someone comes over to clean the litterboxes, changes the water and food, can disrupt a cats sweet behavior.

But what about when our kids come home? We know that will disrupt our cats lives, and while they will still get love and attention, what do we do if this continues and becomes regular. We can't allow it to be a continual thing or we will have to give Katie to another family. We love Katie, and we really don't want to give her up, but will if we have to.

Any suggestions? Ideas?

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Thank you so much, Chris, for joining us and for seaking answers to help you and Katie work through this. She's every bit as much of your family as all the rest of your household. The first step in a case such as this is to take Katie to the Vet for an exam. Some health issues, such as a urinary track infection my manifest itself with inappropriate peeing. Once she is cleared of any health issues Please have a look at this thread. It's a very informative thread on this matter and helps with determining the cause and then finding the best solution for Katie.
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Also, if you are not doing this already, you should use an enzyme cleaner, such as Nature's Miracle, to clean up any pee spots. Just washing stuff with soap and water, even in the washing machine, won't completely get everything out. If your kitty can still smell the urine on that particular item, she is more likely to continue peeing there.

Good luck!
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