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Stray Cat

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I found a stay about 2 months ago now, I made the mistake of feeding it and then after that it lived in front of my house for weeks, I finally decided to take the cat in the house, ( Parents dont know ) i let him in at night while they're asleep ..and let him back out when I get up ..but my main question is this ..he's a real friendly cat ..and I have a question about his tail, it seems to be bent in 2 different spots. Its a short tail cat not real short but not real long either kind've in between ..but its bent in 2 different spots and i've never seen anything like this before ..If I could figure out how to post a picture I would post it to show you ..but im trying to find out why his tail would be like this ..I know its hard to explain without showing what it looks like but thats the best I can do ..

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Probably he get the tail broken. Or it could be the so called "tail knick" here rather difficult case - which they can have either borne with - or develops later.

If you touch him along the tail, does he seems to have pains? If not, you didnt need to do anything about it.
If he does have pains the easiest is probably to let a vet amputate the tail - no big deal for a good vet. Cats do manage without tail too (he would have some stump left I presume).

If you want to keep the cat, talk with your parents. Try to tell them: Look, I saw this stray cat outside. He seems very friendly, easy to pet. He wants inside and live with us. Mom, Dad, please, can we have him? I will do the dish washing the whole next month!

Besides, whatever you do: do set up fliers in all neigborhoodat all message boards. As he is
friendly he isnt no feral, he is stray - or dumped. He may have a owner waiting for him.

If your parents says NO - do likewise; fliers for him: Kind friendly cat seeks home, loves to be petted.

Or there is perhaps some shelter nearby?? Shelters in USA usually dont want to work with semiferals, but friendly tame cats are adoptable, therefore they usually can get help.

Welcame to the forum, Izzdan!
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