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OK--Strange Behavior....

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Spots is due (we believe) sometime in this next week. Tonight she is acting odd, but I am sure that she is not in labor.
She keeps licking herself (not her bottom). Like grooming but after every few licks of her tongue, she 'nibbles' a bit at herself. Her sides, belly, front legs, etc....everywhere BUT her bottom.
When I went to pet her, she grabbed me with her front and back feet and tried to bite me, though it was not hard.
Please tell me that this is kitty hormones and my cat isn't losing her mind!
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My cat did the same thing. Excessive grooming and 'fleaing' (the nibling) herself, as my mom calls it..and she also did the soft bites at me, if I touched her stomach. It's totally normal though.

I've read through theese forums, and many people have stated that their cats 'told them' right before they went into labor. I first thought they were a bunch of fruit loops, until my cat told me. My cat, being an EXTREAMLY non vocal cat..purred and griped and basically held onto my leg until I would follow I'm sure she'll give you some sort of sign when the time comes..especially if she's close to you.
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yup, icis did the smae thing. the day she went into labor, she was washing herself alot, and nibbling. also, she ate like a glutton. 10 hours later we had our first kitten.
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Well, she slept the night through and I wasn't up and about because we believe she is not due until sometime in this next week, but I will check her every now and then. She has spent ALOT of time these past few weeks sleeping on a plastic chair that my daughter brought in from outside and put at the table. The weather has been quite hot and the cooler blows right where she is sleeping!
I have put a little bit of dry food in the nest box over the past week and she will go into there to eat it, but she has not been digging around in there, she eats and will sit for a minute and then comes out.
She has never been really close to me, she is not a real loving type cat, so I don't think that she will 'come and get me' when it is time. The only time she ever rubs against me is when she hears the food being opened, otherwise she can take me or leave me!
But it also seems like she has ballooned out int just the past few days! I felt 2 distinctive lumps yesterday, so I feel that she has 2 at least. She wasn't getting REALLY big so I was figuring on 1 or 2....
Thanks for all your help!
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when icis was in her last days, i felt to huge lumps too, it was the big female and the big male, 2 smaller ones were hiding in there too tho,lol
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"Hiding"---I love it!
She has been a little more restless today than normal but still don't think it's time...I am getting crazy about this! I follow her to the litterbox to see if she has any discharge or anything. I think I need a tranquilizer! Eating from time to time, sleeping and not as much licking as last night....
God help me when my DAUGHTER gets pregnant!!!!
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lmfao, easy girlie!!!!! i was the same way, so dont feel bad. i think it got to the point of " a watched pot NEVER boils". once i went to bed and she was locked in the bathroom, she settled down and at 3 am went into labor.
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Now this evening--of course I am busy watching her in the litterbox--she seems like she is SLIGHTLY straining to go, so I look and there is only a small (dime-sized) wet spot. Does that mean anything? Can you tell I'm desperate??

Never in my life did I think that I'd be watching my cat pee!
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Well this is the latest pic of Spots, taken today....

She looks about done, don't you think? Notice the size of her smallish head compared to her body....
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ooh! maybe we'll be baby buddies... or kitten buddies. lol. my cat is due any day now. we can go insane together! Kitty has been licking herself alot too. that is a sign that it could be any day now. Spot sounds like she is close. Keep us updated!!
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How is Momma Spot doing? Any wee ones yet?
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wow does she ever look done,lol. how is she doing?
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