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Our daily thread for Sunday April 1st

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Good morning all!
Thank goodness the second day of a cat show check in is an hour later than usual. However this time change always kills me for about a week or so.
The show yesterday was a lot of fun. My girl Bridgette did very well. I think it's because she looks like a petite girl and she is solid black. My boy Sebastian is all black too but he has a little white locket on his chest and he is bigger. I guess we will see how they do today. Hubby and I had an 8x10 taken with these two...I just love how the pic came out and when I get a chance, it will get put up in the hallway. I guess this photogropher will come to the NJ show and take pictures again. I hope so, I will be bringing my newest babies.
We were all very excited yesterday...one of us catsite folks came to see the show!! Tiggeytoes decided to pop in and say hi. She almost adopted a new one from Rene while she was there.
Well..I suppose I should get going. Hubby just came in and said this is why I am running out the door at the last minute. Course its worth it!! I hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday.
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There was a CFA show here in Richmond, Va. over the weekend. I popped in on Saturday, but didn't see any names I recognized 8-(

Do any of you ever show in Richmond?

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Bette and I had a wonderful time at the CT cat show. It was truely a leaning adventure. Some of the judges, knowing we were first timers, explained what they were doing as they went along.We were especially happy to meet Donna,Sandy and Rene as well as their families. They were very helpful in answering our questions. Although all our cats are mixed breed and probably not special to anyone else, to us they are the most beautiful, talented and intelligent animals in the world, and we want to share that joy with others who feel the same way. We are considering showing one of our in the household pet category in August. Bette fell in love with Sylvia, a beautiful homeless kitty who is up for adoption. I was partial to Marvin, an adorable orange kitty who was also up for adoption. I hate to see any animal in cages, and hope they both find homes, soon. Our hearts wanted to snatch them both up and give them a home, but our heads told us we have all we can handle right now. I have passed the web site on to a friend who may soon be looking for a cat, and put in a good word for both Sylvia and Marvin.


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