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Ah, so you're not the only one who thinks those fries are disgusting! I wonder if I sent an email to their corporate office, if they'd maybe change them? That is the only reason why we don't go there anymore...... Whataburger fries are ok..... Their burgers are huge!
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Burger King is the only fast-food burger I eat - they're broiled, instead of fried.

As for ice cream - Godiva's Belgian Dark Chocolate is the best!:icecream:
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hmmmmm.... can a fast food worker put her 2 cents in here?
Working at Long john silvers I expect..no let me change that, I demand the service given to our customers be as good as i would want to be given at another place and let me tell you,i am NOT afraid to voice my opinion if something is not the way I ordered it.
Unfortunately as far as teh complaints thing goes, there is only so much they can do at a restaurant.We try and make people happy but there are the odd persons that you can't make happy if you shower them with truck loads of money. That is hard on us since peoples (ok some peoples)thinking is that if you work at a restaurant, you are an uneducated scum that deserves to be treated like dirt.That isn't always the case. Some of us CHOOSE to work in a restaurant and it isn't because of lack of education, it is because we can. I will bend over backwards to make sure each and every customer leaves our store satisfied and happy. Now I know that some employees aren't the best at customer service, but that is what management is there for. To make sure that people are getting the best service possible. Sorry if I am ranting here, but I think that if you get bad food, you need to call let them know and always keep your receipt. that way you have proof that you were there and they can help you out better. Unfortunately some people try and get something for free also. They will call and say they got bad food even though they didn't even leave their house that day. (Is it just me or am I all over the place here???) So always keep proof you were there so that they can help you better, and won't be skeptical if you were really there or not.
And if you do call back, please don't be rude. I won't accept that and I don't expect my crew to either. ok, now that I have ranted,i've completely lost my train of thought. darn it! as you can tell, I have alot of pent up frustrations with customers. Oh, another thing, that customer is always right thing is bull... If you are wrong then don't be mad at us for it. If your credit card doesn't go thru, it's not our fault, call your bank and find out why.. AHEM......
Ok now I think I am done ranting from the fast food workers point or view... did I miss anything???
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I hope Subway dies a slow, steady death!! The 1st time I ate there, I threw up. The LAST time I ate there, I got sick. Nothing like warmed over steak or meatballs to get your stomach turning.

On a side note, if you are ever in the So. Orange County area of So. California, you have got to find either Stuffers or TummyStuffers. Now, those are real sandwiches!!! ALL (incl. hot) sandwiches are made to order, i.e. if someone wants a steak sandwich, they throw the steak slices on the grill.

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Whisky's Dad,
That's is just gross about your Subway incident I'm kind of surprised more people haven't gotten sick the way they just leave their meats out. I went there one time and asked for white bread, and the girl started putting cheese on wheat bread. I told her, and she took the cheese off of the wheat bread, and threw the bread back into the bin!
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Yeah, and I bet the person behind you asked for wheat!!
I've heard that Togo's is good but I don't think they have them up here. I'll have to check.
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The one fast food I can acutally say I like is Domino's cinnistix. They are so good!! I ate half the box the first time I tried them.
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I've tried togo's once before, and from what I remember it was ok... It kind of reminded me of Hogi Yogi, in a way.
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