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But do you have to use a collar???
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no, my cat doesn't use a collar
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for a reguarl harness. does the harness connect to the collar?
or is it like a collar?
sorry for the
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Originally Posted by coaster
KittyLova, no, don't get that one. That's a "figure-8" harness, and it's too easy for a cat to get out of. If you can't find the "H" type harness for cats then the "petite" size (14 in.) dog harness will work.

Another idea is a "walking jacket" -- a bit pricey, but effective.
Hey Coaster - I LOVED that video!!!
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My cats all wear collarswith their ID attached, so whenever I put a harness on any of them I just put the harness in addition to the collar. Never caused a problem. The harness is not left on all the time and the collars are.
post #36 of 47, you don't need a collar with a harness. They're two completely separate things. BUT I do think a collar with ID tag is a good idea just in case your cat gets loose.
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Another big problem with the figure-8 harnesses is that they sort of strangle the cat if the back gets pulled. So it's nearly impossible to size it correctly, because you want it to be snug around the ribcage, and if you do that with a figure-8 when they're wriggling around it tightens around their neck, or if they get an elbow out or something then it gets very tight around the neck as well. Not a huge disaster since you're only a few feet away at all times, but it can't be comfortable and sometimes I'm off in my own little world too.

Another reason you can't use a regular collar is that all cat collars should be breakaway and obviously there's no way to put a leash on a breakaway collar (aside from the things already mentioned).

Zissou's harness has her ID on it, as does her collar.
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I don't use a collar as of now, Stoli is due to be microchipped. I just put the harness on when we go outside.
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Originally Posted by coaster
KittyLova, no, don't get that one. That's a "figure-8" harness, and it's too easy for a cat to get out of. If you can't find the "H" type harness for cats then the "petite" size (14 in.) dog harness will work.

Another idea is a "walking jacket" -- a bit pricey, but effective.
Coaster - I wonder if others have viewed the video .... , the cat could be my KiKi - I've watched it several times - really wondered how the cat was trained to actually walk back to the door, and wait to be let in - I would think he/she would want to just stay out, but - no, he's done and wants back inside...
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Yeah, that was a remarkably cooperative cat .... just standing there letting her put the jacket on, staying on the path (all right, she did cut one corner ) and then going back to the door to be let back IN!!

Truly amazing!!
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My Tigger would walk on a leash just like a dog. He was used to being outside in his harness tied to the porch so walking wasn't a big change. At first he really didn't want to go where you wanted and would roll around in the dirt or leaves. After a few walks he decided that it was easier to just follow me instead of pulling on the leash. Eventually he would walk down the sidewalk about 2 feet infront of me an constantly make sure I was there. Only the odd bird or dog would distract him. When it was time to go home he would just turn around and want to run the whole way. He'd run all they way into the back yard and up to the door and meow to go inside. Usually for a drink or to use the litterbox.

It may take a little patience but I think a lot of cats can be trained to walk on a leash. I managed to train my ferrets and their more stuborn that any of my cats.
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Our kitty was fantastic with it! We put the harness on her (a figure 8 one like the picture on the previous page), and played with her with her favourite toy while she was wearing it, then fed her while she was wearing it. When she was being distracted she forgot about it, and by then she'd had it on for 15 minutes and decided it wasn't too bad.

She doesn't go too far, and after about 10 minutes, she walks back to our front door, says hello to the neighbours kitty who always watches us longingly from the window, then scratches at our door to go back in again

I haven't had issues with the figure 8 harness type, but I do worry that it can get too tight around her neck, especially if she catches it on something. I'm always with her though, and we stay in quiet areas, so I'm not TOO worried. I do like the look of the walking jacket though. She hates the loop going over her head, so I think a jacket would be good in that respect.

Here's some pics of her on a walk:

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An h-style one and a walking jacket are basically the same thing except, in my humble opinion, the walking jacket has extra fabric to annoy your cat and make it hot.

She looks like she loves her walks though!

I watched the video. That's pretty much what Zissou does except she doesn't walk hunched over like that. She walks just like she normally does. I have this one: (down the page). It does not pull on the neck the way her old 8 one did, and there's no big hunk of plastic between her shoulderblades. And it's way easier to put on.
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Just thought I'd mention that I also tried a step in harness and really didn't care for that either. I agree with Zissou'sMom about the H style being way easier to put on and I thought the same thing about the walking jackets.
Here's a link to the step in harnes to see what they look like. Perhaps they are easier for dogs, but I didn't find that to be true for cats.
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I can't believe you got a cat into that step-in one I can just imagine Zissou's look of pure hatred in that one. She has those big skin flaps by her legs like a Mau, so she would be absolutely horridly uncomfortable.

Not to mention I wouldn't be able to figure it out! I can hardly figure out how to put on bikini tops
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Well as you probably know by now we use H harnesses, and start the cats early (3-4 mos). Once I have the back strap (tummy part) fitted, I never undo it (unless they grow) and while it can take a few wks, it becomes so automatic for them to just feel that loop go over their heads, step into it one leg at a time (except for one cutie who liked to do both at a time) and then wait for the neck to be done up. S'easy!
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Well, 2 of my persians go outside on a harness and they are great, they really do love it. I take them out maybe 3 times a week and they have a ball. They are even friends with the neighbor dog.....a schipperke. Paws and Pudge took to the harness right away, they love being able to go outside, and I know they won't get lost or hurt. It is good for both me and them. The 2 kitties I am talking about are the ones in my siggy.
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