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yay! animal rescue foundation! <3

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hey! i haven't posted in a while, i introduced myself a couple weeks back!

but i'm so excited, i have to share!
so yesterday i built up the courage to just deal with my social anxiety (i get really nervous around people) and FORCE myself to go to the volunteer orientation at the animal rescue foundation, a shelter about 20 minutes from my house.

i am SO glad i went! the place is SUCH an amazing facility. you can look at it at www.arf.net! they rescue cats and dogs from shelters around the bay, and adopt them out to loving families. i'm taking a class tomorrow called 'cat socialization', and after that i get to become a volunteer who pets and spends time with the cats until they get adopted! i also volunteered to work in the 'boutique', a mini store they have on-site that is open during adoption hours for people to buy supplies for their new pets! so i get to see the happy families with their new pets, and help them pick out what they need to give their pet a happy home.

doesn't that sound SO FUN? it was such a great environment and such a great cause that i didn't feel too shy or nervous at all.

yay! i am truly amazed by people who devote their lives to making that kind of place happen.

i hope i posted in the right forum, i'm still trying to figure out the TONS and TONS of forums here! ha ha! hope you all are fabulous!

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Congratulations!!! I am so happy for you! I get really nervous around new people also, and I just made the decision to volunteer at an animal shelter. I haven't started yet because I'm waiting for them to call me back. But your experience motivates me even more, thank you!
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