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Cat Peed... On Me!! What's Up With That??

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A few hours ago I was cooking dinner and while waiting for something to come out of the oven I was leaning across the kitchen counter watching tv. Blackie was up on the counter rubbing up against my face and shoulder. The next thing I knew he had hosed me down. It hit my cheek and shoulder. It wasn't just a little squirt either. I have had him for almost 2 yrs. and this is the 3rd time this has happened. He was just at the vet last week for his shots and a checkup and everything was fine. He is about 3yrs. old and I had him neutered right after I got him. A neighbor found him and was going to call animal control so I took him instead. He is a little on the odd side. I have 9 other cats and all are sweet and get along fine with each other. He is somewhat aggressive. He likes to pick on some of my other males and you have to be careful when petting him because he will sometimes bite at your fingers. It's more like he tries to grab your fingers with his mouth and he has huge teeth. I have a feeling he may have been abused. Sometimes when I put my had up to pet him he draws back and raises his front paw up like he's trying to protect himself. The vet thinks he is a Bombay and that is why he is a little aggressive with the other male cats because he said they like to be the dominant male. While he can be aggressive he can also be very sweet and loving and I adore him. I just really don't like being peed on. Does anybody have any ideas what would cause him to do this?
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You said he was in for shots and a check up but was he specifically tested because of his peeing? They would have either had you bring in a urine sample or else gotten one from teh cat and tested it for a Urinary Tract Infection or crystals. Did they do that? Just a general checkup wouldn't cover that.
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Squirting urine is often territorial- did you by chance pet another animal today or maybe pick up a strange scent?

It can (at times) be a problem with urinating, and even though he has been to the vet recently he may need a return visit. www.sprayalert.com is a worthy item to look into because the signal tells you when he sprays
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Yes Jen his urine was checked and it was fine. A few years ago I lost 2 cats within 6 mos. of each other to CRF. Since then I take my cats in once a year for shots if needed, bloodwork and I have their urine and stools checked. I make it a habit to watch carefully for UTIs as I have had a few cats have them before.
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Oh awesome! That is really great you do all that. Well Hissy had some good advice too and hers is probably more accurate
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Had to take my kitty Scooter to the vet today for an eye infection and mentioned to the vet what Blackie had done. The vet pretty much said what Hissy did that it was a territorial thing. He was marking his territory...me! She said it wasn't uncommon in multiple cat households. Definitely going to be more careful when they back their butts up to my face.
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