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Siamese Cats

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Ok i'm curious to know alot more on these pretty cats. My friend has one but she is a long haired/siamese mix so she isn't pure-bred and she is just so pretty. Her eyes are to die for, i'm interested in more information from breeders.

Such as temperment, size etc.. whats the common price they run at, are there any very good and expanding breeders? Anything would help me learn more on this breed. Thanks
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Ah yes, a topic both near and dear to my heart ... near in that my own Seal Point Old-Style Siamese girl, Lexus is laying across my chest as I type this - I declare it would take a surgical procedure to remove her when she wants to be on me ... dear in that I chose to breed these stunningly beautiful little beasties. Many people will easily recognize a Seal Point Siamese as they are truly one of the ancient cat breeds in the world. They are believed to have first appeared in Europe in the late 1800's. It is said that the British Ambassador to Thailand received a mating pair of Siamese cats from the Royal Family of Thailand as a gift for his wife. They were debuted at The Crystal Palace Cat Show in England. The Siamese cat is known for its long and slender body, dark, wedge shaped head, ears, tail and legs, which stands in stark contrast to their light colored bodies. These cats have a long lean structure, often referred to as a "moderate Oriental body style" which is accentuated by their short sleek coat. Siamese cats have only one fur coat whereas most other cats have two -- the downy undercoat and the over or outer coat. They are thought to be less irritating to people who suffer from allergies than other breeds.

In keeping with their Thai heritage, their eyes are almond-like in shape and slant downwards towards the nose. Some develop super-occluded upper canine teeth which can protrude from the mouth giving them an amusing toothy grin. Siamese cats are extremely intelligent, curious, active and athletic cats. They are slinky and crafty, they are nosey and into absolutely everything. They possess an extremely high level of energy and become bored easily. They can be demanding in whatever quest they undertake and will demonstrate absolutely no fear in conquering new and interesting endeavors. They crave attention from their owner and they do not like to be left alone so consider owning two. Siamese cats bond closely with their people and will become depressed if separated from them or other animal companions. It is not uncommon for Siamese to literally grieve to death if parted long-term from a beloved person or companion. They are extremely social. They do not like to be kept away from the normal daily routines of their homes. It is a severe punishment to deny them access to any areas of the house and they will let you know their dismay in no uncertain terms if you offend them. Siamese cats are one of the more vocal breed of cats, with a loud, throaty voice. When people hear a Siamese cat vocalize for the first time, they often associate it with the sound of a baby crying. Many Siamese will mimic their owners repetitive speech patterns. My own Siamese male, Tonka, tells me NO NO NO all the time. He also calls me Momma. My Seal Point female, Lexus walks around the house all day long trilling and cooing to me. I have no idea what she is saying but she has plenty to talk about so we have epic conversations.

In the way of some useful resource info on Siamese cats ...

Breed Classification: Exotic


Seal Point - very dark brown points with beige-cream body
Chocolate Point - milk-chocolate brown points with a pale-cream body
Blue Point - blue-grey points with a frosty white body
Lilac Point - pale blue-grey points with a pale frosty white body

Average Litter Size: 4 to 6

Average Size: 7 to 10 pounds for Females, 8 to 15 pounds for Males.

Life Span: 15+ years, many have been reported to exceed 20 years.

Grooming Requirements: Their short, glossy coat does not usually require excessive grooming. However, almost any cat will enjoy the attention and sensation of being stroked and brushed.

Social skills: Siamese cats are territorial and may bully less domineering cat breeds. They usually are OK with dogs.

Suitability for Children: Generally good with kids.

Energy Level: Very lively, feisty and mischievous.

Noisiness: Very vocal with a legendary voice, especially when seeking your attention or scolding you for leaving them alone while you were out working in order to pay for cat food and litter. *wink*

Health Issues: These are normally very healthy cats, however some lines do carry genetic issues which may shorten their lifespan. It is imperative to be diligent in providing the necessary attention to their teeth and gums during normal vet visits and to proceed with a dental cleaning and subgingival scraping as indicated, but no less frequently than once every two to three years. Follow up care (brushing, food supplements or additives, etc.) at home is also highly recommended. Chronic renal failure, Renal Amyloidosis and Feline Hypertropic Cardiomyopathy are among the leading known causes of death in many Siamese cats. CRF can be postponed by protecting the integrity of the teeth and gums with proper dental attention.

Shedding: Shedding during normal season is moderate. Stress can play a large part in how much or how little a Siamese will shed. Proper diet and hydration are also extremely important to minimize shedding.

When considering a Siamese cat, you will need to determine which body style you prefer. There are the modern, or "show-style" cats, with tubular, sleek bodies and a very wedge-shaped head with low ear-set or the traditional, classic or "Old-Style" body type, which are a more robust, hearty body with a moderate wedge-shaped head softened with a rounder appearance to the head and higher ear-set.

There are many reputable breeders of both body styles. There are also people like me, who are breeding to preserve the Old-Style bloodlines for health and longevity. While I do not wish to offend any of our modern Siamese breeders, the fact is that the modern-style cats tend not to live as long as their Old-Style counterparts. Breed Preservationists breed solely to ensure that healthy, long-lived Siamese bloodlines are preserved for future use in the gene pool.

When choosing a breeder, you will have many questions and you will need to expect many questions from her. It is common amongst Siamese cat breeders to have very strong feelings about what does and what does not constitute a good potential home for one of their beloved and precious kittens. Be prepared to be grilled very invasively when interviewing and have your list of questions at the ready. Write them down in advance so you will be organized and prepared for your interview.

Siamese cats are priced on average in the $400 - $600 range for a pet and up to the $1000 - $1500 range for a breeding cat, however no ethical breeder would allow a kitten to be placed in a home with breeding rights without first thoroughly knowing and trusting the person with whom the kitten was to be placed. Expect to sign a Sales Agreement which contains (at the very least) a Spay/Neuter clause, a No-Declawing clause, and an Indoor-Only clause.

Expect to visit the cattery in person. While many Siamese cat breeders will consider shipping a cat, many also will do so only after personally meeting the potential kitten buyer.

I sincerely hope this helps you in your quest for information about Siamese cats. If you have further questions, don't hesitate to let me know. Best of luck in your search.

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I love you gayef! Wow you have some much information, and of course i love to read so i'll search on the web. Your prices puzzle me of course it could be where i live but there were $200-$500 for kittens. I'm willing to travel anywhere since i love to, well it kinda comes with the horse training job (lol).

But my boyfriend suggested we get one but he wanted more information, he's at work but i'll let him know. I guess you could call me a stay at home worker, so i have alot of time when i'm not working with the horses.

I'll check out pictures of your body styles and colors and let you know which i like. I'll go off your facts, that helps me alot thank you.
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Originally Posted by KittyPaws
I love you gayef! Wow you have some much information, and of course i love to read so i'll search on the web. Your prices puzzle me of course it could be where i live but there were $200-$500 for kittens. I'm willing to travel anywhere since i love to, well it kinda comes with the horse training job (lol).

But my boyfriend suggested we get one but he wanted more information, he's at work but i'll let him know. I guess you could call me a stay at home worker, so i have alot of time when i'm not working with the horses.

I'll check out pictures of your body styles and colors and let you know which i like. I'll go off your facts, that helps me alot thank you.
If those $200-$500 prices are in your local paper, IMO those are not "good" breeders, and the kittens are probably not of the best quality. Correct me if I'm mistaken Gaye, but most ethical breeders would not list their kittens in a classified ad?
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No there online hoobly.com under Siamese cats for sale in Ohio there at the top. They look so pretty. Also Gayef i really like the lilac and blue point old-style (classic) i'm not to crazy about the thin showy types. I like the nice rounder ones.

So should i look for expensive kitties (lol) sounds funny saying that. :P
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Originally Posted by KittyPaws
No there online hoobly.com under Siamese cats for sale in Ohio there at the top. They look so pretty. Also Gayef i really like the lilac and blue point old-style (classic) i'm not to crazy about the thin showy types. I like the nice rounder ones.

So should i look for expensive kitties (lol) sounds funny saying that. :P
Those are kinda classified ads too, so to me that falls in the same category. I would try to find a breeder, I know there's a couple websites that list registered breeders, but I don't know it off-hand, I'm sure someone will come by and let us know I don't think it is necessarily the price that you need to look at, but most "breeders" who advertise in classifieds ads are just looking to make a buck, and sometimes they will have lower prices just to sell them, that is just my interpretation. So to sum it up to get a quality Meezer, you need to find a registered, reputable breeder, like Gaye for example, not just buy a kitten from the classifieds or a pet shop.
or, as an alternative, I know that the Michigan Siamese rescues are very overwhelmed right now, and there are some lovely young adults as well as adults that need homes, check Petfinder they may not be pure-breds with papers, but they're still beautiful
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yea i already browsed petfinder my man didn't like to many and a few had problems with other cats and such which i won't get an aggressive cat. I've always searched on Hoobly for animals?
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I just have to add my 2 cents here - Bijou cost us $200 and Mika $250 and they certainly seem like healthy cats. Their breeder is registered but we specifically asked for pet quality.
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Hmm... well then i'm lost lol. What kinda quailty anybody have websites for more back up on what to look for in a siamese cat and cat breeder?
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Regarding the classified ads ... I do know breeders, responsible, ethical breeders ... who will sometimes take a classified ad when they have exhausted other avenues of placing kittens. I have done it myself. So long as the breeder takes great care of her cats and is ethical, responsible and strictly adheres to good husbandry practices, a classified ad does not, IMO, necessarily mean it is a bad breeder. But, as in anything else you purchase from such an ad, you have to do your homework, ask thorough questions, visit the cattery and formulate your own opinion.

Regarding quality of kittens ... most modern style breeders do show so your choice if going with that body style will be of pet-quality, show-quality or breeder-quality. Obviously, show-quality and breeder-quality will be on the higher end of the price scale. Pet quality kittens may be priced lower, but again, do your homework, ask for pedigrees to ensure you are actually buying a Siamese cat and not the product of an "oops" litter, and ask a LOT of questions. Never buy a Siamese "without papers".

Location may have a little to do with pricing ... I know that in my area, the breeders of Old-Style cats here (there are two of us) are in communication with each other and price their kittens so as not to compete with each other.

Old-Style Siamese cats are not shown in CFA. They are more focused on the modern-style cats. However, I believe TICA and ACA both have a standard which allows for the Old-Style cats. (Someone more knowledgable about those associations will please correct me if I am wrong about that) So, all CFA-registered Old-Style Siamese cats will be pet-quality only. There may be a breeder-quality kitten from time to time, but again, no responsible breeder will place a kitten with breeding rights into a pet home.

I would also encourage you to check out Siamese Rescue at www.siameserescue.org for a look at their selection of needy, homeless Siamese-mix cats.
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I got my little girl SunLee from, Fin Bheara Abyssinian and Siamese. She's a chocolate Point, and she's the more modern Wedge faced little girl. Some of their Siamese are really extreme, but I don't think SunLee is all that extreme. In my opinion she's just the sweetest most delicate little thing, such a little Princess.

My other Siamese, Shane is the Old Style Siamese. He is not delicate at all. He's a huge boy. Unusually large for a Siamese cat. He's got a big round head, and a fairly big burley body. He is also very needy. Shane is a Seal Point, and now that he's almost 10 years old, he's quite dark all over his body.

My Rainbow Bridge boy, Snoopy was a Blue Point, and I think he was just about the most beautiful cat that ever lived. I love Blue Points. For some reason, I think they are sweeter. I don't know if that's true, but Snoopy was the the most wonderful friend in the world. He was very social, extremely intelligent, and very loving. At 20, he never got dark. He kept his frosty light body throughout his entire life.

Both SunLee and Shane have the extra long canine teeth that you can see with their mouths closed. Shane's are so long, they go down to the bottom of his chin.
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Just for reference, it depends on the lines that are being used as to the longevity. Some of my show siamese friends have the modern type - long bodies/heads, etc. and many of their cats have lived to mid-teens or later.

You just have to be careful and research pedigrees to avoid a lot of inbreeding.
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Finally i understand Gaye lol thanks. Ok well i'm taking in the whole inspect ask 1 million questions, check out peds etc. If you don't have the money you don't need fancy.

But he said he'd rather have a registered cat and such so were going for the papered old-style cats. Also we both decided we want a blue point, there amazing in color and i love the old-style siamese's body its gracefully but not to upfront and show like. I want something fancy but doesn't make me look stuck up. (no offence) .

So he said he would like to keep it within about 250-275 miles from us i hope i can find what i want. I'm wrighting down alot of questions i would ask already and he said he would get grilled by the breeder lol. Isn't he so thoughtful i kinda have the aggressive come back attuide so i'll get into it . Bad me.. :P
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Also whats your thought on the age should i start off with an adult or kitten?
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I'm not a breeder, but i foster and rescue cats. I adopted a wonderful torti-point siamese a year and a half ago from one of the shelters i foster for. I couldn't ask for a better cat! I adopted Jasmine as an adult rescue kitty- and i couldn't be happier with my little siamese girl. She is very vocal, with striking blue eyes and beautiful coloring. Did i mention she has a little Siamese crook in her tail- very cute! She does wonderful around children, my other cats, and my dogs. She even likes my rabbit lol. She's completely converted my boyfriend into a cat lover.He always talks about taking Jasmine home with him lol. So if you're wondering about Siamese- I have 2 words for you- They're Wonderful!

I highly suggest checking out the Siamese Rescue website! It is a non-profit organization located in several regions of the USA that places rescued Siamese cats into permanent loving homes after they have been rescued for whatever reason. There are tons of purebreed Siamese on there. Before you go to a breeder, why not look into adopting if you're not looking to show or breed your kitty? Some of the Siamese up for adoption even have papers! There are pictures of every kitty, with a bio as well as information on their age and temperment,etc on there. I personally suggest adopting an adult kitty- most people want kittens, so many times the wonderful adult cats are looked over. With an adult cat, their temperments are already established- so what you see is what you get...not to mention, you know what kind of health their in, and if they've been in a foster home- they've most likely been socialized with other animals as well as children, so they will relocate well into a permenant home. Also, the rescue kitties on www.siameserescue.org have already had or will have all of their medical work (spay/neuter, testing for feliv, feluk,deworming, vaccinations, etc..) finished upon adoption which will save you money. Instead of paying a large amount of money out of pocket for a Siamese that hasn't had any medical work done, a small adoption fee will cover all of the charges, plus the Siamese Rescue volunteers don't make a profit out of it- every dime of the adoption fee goes to help cover the overhead cost of rescuing more Siamese, food, water, litter, spay/neuters, kitty beds, housing,vaccinations, testing, deworming, plus any additional medical work they might need. Plus you'd be saving a rescue kitty that really needs a home! I couldn't think of anything more loving someone could do for an animal in need. Whatever you decide, i wish you the best of luck! Siamese are excellent cats and the kitty you bring home will be lucky to have a new home with you! Keep us posted and let us know what you decide! I'm excited for you. If you'd like to see pictures of my Torti-point Siamese, let me know!

I've posted the link to Siamese Rescue below
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lol ok thanks Starry
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Hi Kitty Paws, we recently got two Siamese kittens and one Maine Coon kitten. They are all very affectionate and wonderful kitties! The Siamese kittens are unbelievably nimble and acrobatic, there's no surface or ledge they can't reach. I've never seen such athletic cats, they are like little gazelles. When it's playtime they go absolutely wild, they're hilarious and so fun to watch! They can be a real handful. I love kitten antics but just be aware of how much mischief they can get into as kittens, might be worth bearing in mind if you decide you want a slightly calmer adult cat.

Also I would recommend getting more than one, as they definitely need a feline playmate!
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I raise my hand to trading Troy for siamese. His friend at work his wife has like 4 siamese and her one just had a litter of i think 3 or 4. Well Troy wants to get a "few" from her and i was reading your right it says there very active cats though "he" has a big ranch home i really don't have time for 3 siamese kittens jumping all over and braking stuff lol.

So we were fighting over getting a cat stupidest fight i've ever had with Troy. His wife has 2 blue points a seal and i think a choc? Then she just had the kittens i belive she bred the 2 blues toghther i'll see but i really can't handle about 5 babies Troy being in the count.

He works alot i train horses, and sometimes help out at my friends dog rescue and such. I'm very realistic and sometimes dramatic about new things i just want to make sure if a siamese would be a good idea? I'll keep everybody updated.
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Here is a highly recommended Siamese breeder in Ohio...they were originally based in the UK. Their credentials are excellent.

Here is another Siamese breeder...she prides herself in traditional "applehead" Siamese, and a new litter was born just on June 10. Her pricing is quite outrageous, however. Between $500-700. I would not hesitate in checking her out, however. She is also in Ohio.

Here is yet another in Ohio. Also has good credentials. I would recommend this breeder almost as strongly as the first one I listed.

Good luck!
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And here's a breeder in Northwest Indiana...I know it's a bit out of your way, but oh well!!!


Here's another breeder in Ohio. I find their cats to be ADORABLE!!!


Yet another Ohio Siamese Cattery...these kitties are modern Siamese.


Another Siamese breeder in Ohio:


And yet another:

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Hehe thank you Wookie i'll be checking into your listings of people. I'm still thinking about it would help if i had alot more comments about people that breed them.

Thank You
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One thing to keep in mind. Siamese mature a lot sooner then most cats. I know a siamese breeder that let their 5 month old male run with females. He became a dad at 7 months! Which means he bred the females at 5 months old.

Basically siamese are very active, very vocal and very smart
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Vocal which includes loud crying alot lol and waking up early in the morning to my boyfriends cat. Avtice meaning chasing a 4 legged kitten that can hide just about anywhere. I was looking at a site on alot of things to do to keep your items and the cat safe but that means just about doing a remake over of my house lol.
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There really is nothing like having a kitten in your home to point out all the things that need changing, is there? *wink*
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Ok troy lol. Jeez how about a lil women support here :P kidding, ok.. ok.. i'll "think" about it. But i'm not using glue on my vases. It was a big idea that you glue any collectibles down so they can't knock them over.

Troy has been begging me since 7:30am to get a siamese cat so i said i'd "think" about it. But tube my wires, glue things, hide things, close things.. i feel like it will be a jail cell lol
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Gotta add another 2 cents here. Our Siamese aren't all that vocal. Bijou really only "talks" to daddy when he wants to go out, otherwise you wouldn't know he's around. Mika has a voicebox defect and can only make little huffing noises. It's a quiet Siamese household we have here.
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There not! lol Cookie has already found her way to the toliet paper oh boy did she have a blast with the rolling white stuff. Then Smore was crying at 3:30am in the morning he "HAD" to sleep on me purring like a race car all night.

Cookie will lick your face to wake you up like some kind of poodle. I don't cage them because they got really loud after only after 5-7mins in the cage toghther so they just stay out. They are good with the litter box no accidents yet **knocks on wood**.

But still they really like to push your buttons, she had them on that Fancy Feast stuff and Cookie wasn't eating until i mixed alittle of it in her food . Smore does find on his Frisky wet food, pretty yes, but very wild lol miniature lions on the lose :P.
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They sound very cute. I bet they're a handful! And just wait...they do actually get worse!!! Sometimes it feels like the kitten-crazies never end...but once they're all grown-up, a part of you will miss those days. For me, it's a very small part. I do prefer adults to kittens...kittens are hard WORK!!!! It's a lot like raising human children!!! Adults are work too, but at least they're somewhat mellow and more laid-back. Oh, what the heck, I just love kitties of all ages.

Any possibility of pictures? We'd love to see all of your kitties! The new Siamese pair sound darling.
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Yea i'll get pictures as soon as one takes atleast 4 secounds to stop braking stuff lol. I took a few and uploaded them you can't see anything :sighs: Troy tried to hold Smore and the lil brat clawed him and took off behind my "EXPENSIVE" couch and thought it looked like a nice scratching post.

Cookie is more into her toliet paper lol and her Fancy Feast kitty food :P hoping that they will calm down. If Smore doesn't stop i'll have to cage him or something because he's not being a good kitty
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Remember, they're being kittens! Kittens aren't naughty...they're just full of energy, curiosity, and PLAY!!! Maybe it would help to have them in a small room until they're a bit more mature...one with a scratching post that they can get the hang of. Sometimes too much freedom can be a bad thing for little kitties!
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