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Need some good thoughts for another kind of furry

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Brian's stepdad's 10 year old Pekingese escaped from his fenced in backyard yesterday afternoon. Dryfus is also blind and he lives off a main road that is frequented by coyotes. Brian and his sister drove up and down the neighborhood yesterday looking for him and stopping people to see if they have seen him. One person had seen him running down another road close by and they said that he went into the woods. They searched for hours and could not find him.

We've called animal control, vet offices and pet shops but no one has seen him. I love him like he was my own dog and Brian is really upset since he grew up with Dryfus. Please send good thoughts our way and hopefully we'll find Dryfus soon...
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Hope Dryfus will be found safe and sound! Have you checked the woods yet?
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Prayers going up jessica....Hope they find him.
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I hope you can find Dryfus! Good thoughts are coming your way!
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I'm sure we're all waiting to hear a happy ending. My heart leaps out to you - we had a blind Welsh Terrier (but fortunately he never left home). Sending hopeful thoughts and prayers!
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Sending positive thoughts your way. I am hoping that by now Dryfus is safely back home again.
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Jessica, I am truly sorry Dryfus wandered away, and I pray that you find him! Was he eating and behaving normally? Poor baby. Well, Brian's family is doing all the right things. I will say a prayer every time I see this thread or your name. Please let us know if there's any news.
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Luckily someone found him wanderng around last night and today called the pound to see if anyone reported a missing Pekingese. Brian's stepdad went right down there and picked him up. The whole family is relieved and happy that Dryfus is home safely. Thanks for all of your concern!!
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Jessica, That's so great!! Dryfus must have a guardian angel!!
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It's nice to know there are still people who will do the right thing when they see an animal that is lost. I'm glad Dryfus is home.
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It's wonderful Dryfus has been found and is at home once more! Whomever found him deserves many huge hugs! I love happy endings.


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That's great news about Dryfus! I'm glad he is home!
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I am so glad to hear Dryfus is home!!!! What great news! He had quite an adventure!
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3 cheers for the good Samaritan who brought him in! I am so glad he is safe and sound!
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Gosh, I feel like this is the Wall Street Journal..."You miss a day and you miss a lot!"

I'm so glad Dryfus returned from his adventure safely. It is nice to know that some people still care enough to do the right thing.
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