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Cat's and their death.

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Sorry for such a morbid title for my first post, but I'm afraid it's go to be that way.

Over the past two weeks or so my 19 year old cat, Parker, has been getting progressively more lethargic and losing weight. However today I was cooking tea with the kitchen door open and Parker was lying in the shade in the backyard, we're having a heat-wave here at the moment, so it's where he likes it.

Anyway, I'd finished tea and prepared to cut up his portion of the rump-steak when I saw he wasn't there anymore. Now, a few years back this wouldn't have bothered me as he'd be away with the fairey's chasing butterflies or something in the greenery around the local river. These day's though he can't make it over the gate or wall on his own and I've heard people say that cat's just wander off to curl up and die in peace. Could he have summoned up the last energy and found a nice quiet place to die?

I hope not.

Could this be true? Is there anything behind these story's as I'm getting very anxious at the moment, it's 3am and all I can do is go out back calling his name.

Just take a look at the little sweetie.

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Yes it is true, they go to ground (find a dark place) curl up and go to sleep. It is nature's way-
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First Occultis, welcome. I'm a newbie too and I'm having some anxiety over one of my boys, Misty, who's lost the will to live lately (or so it seems). I sympathize with you and know how hard it is to face what is always inevitable and heartbreaking. We never really know, though. I still hold out hope for Misty until I'm told otherwise or Misty makes the decision for me. I hope Parker makes it back home ok, no worse for wear and ready for his rump roast.
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Any sign of your little boy?.

Have you checked under all hedges around where you live?.
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Sorry for not getting back sooner, but I've been up all night roaming around the streets and riverbanks looking for any sight of him.

Get this. As of 10am this morning there was no sight nor sound of him at all. So, I get ready to go out shopping jump in the car and start driving towards the supermarket, about 1/2 a mile away. There I was going around the one-way system and what did I see?

Parker just casually trotting along the main road without a care in the world back towards my house! No explanation or anything, he just get's out of the car, runs to the house, has a drink of water and promptly makes himself at home on the bed as if nothing has happened!

Cat's! Why do we bother?
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Originally Posted by ~Occultus~
Cat's! Why do we bother?
Because we love them so much

Thats great to hear though, you must be so relieved
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I am glad Parker came back to you safely. He is a very handsome old guy. The old fellows will surprise you sometimes, just when you think they are almost gone, they perk right back up.
My Fred lived to be 18, and was FIV+. We thought he was on the brink of death several times. He got very poorly one time, and we thought the time had come to let him go peacefully to the Bridge. We intended to take him to the vet the next day, and spent the evening petting and letting him know how much we loved him. The next morning, he was running around like a kitten, and had dug a T-Bone out of the trash, which he was gumming happily. He was back to his normal, adorable self. We were fortunate to have him for another 6 months after that episode. When he started to go downhill, he went very quickly, and spent most of his final 2 days in my arms. Letting hin go was one of the hardest things I ever had to do, but I loved him so much, and could not let him suffer. He taught me to cherish every day with those I love, you never know when they may be gone.
I hope you and Parker have many more precious days together.
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I'm so glad you found him, My Last cat Smokey (RIP) left one morning never to return. he was well over 13 years old, he was a resue so we don't know his age exactly. I was heart broken when we never saw him again.
At 19 years old, maybe Parker has a little bit of kittytimers and forgot were he lived. I hope he don't run off again. *hugs*
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it's pretty sad about the cats running away and dieing like that because i would like to be there for my cat when the time comes for her to pass
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I'm so glad Parker came back. I would hate for my kitty to run off and never see her again. That would be worse than anything

Chynna is about 14 1/2 years old and I know my time with her is limited and it will be so hard to let her go. She let me adopt her 13 years ago when I rescued her from the bushes outside my apartment building which was on a very busy street. She was a stray and tossed out into the stairwell of the building I lived in and the security people tried really hard to find her home but no one claimed her so they turned her out onto the street She's been the best kitty I've had and a real love bug.
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