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Bless my parents!!!

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Last Wednesday (a week ago from today), my mother called me, and tearfully informed me that she and my father had Dusty (one of my childhood cats) euthanized...he had complications due to renal failure. He was 16, and I was 12 years old when we brought the gray/blue ball of kitten fluff home. He was a wonderful, affectionate, talkative cat who absolutely adored my mother. Obviously my parents were devastated, and I was as well. They informed me that they were going to the animal shelter on Saturday...because they "couldn't stand coming home from work without a cat to greet them." Boy, can we all relate!!!!!!!! Anyway, Saturday rolled around, and I received another phone call from them, and they had adopted 2 adult cats, Fred, a 1 year old front declawed neutered gray tabby male, and Shelby, a front declawed ginger tabby female who is estimated to be about 5-6 years old. Shelby was absolutely covered in fleas when she was dumped at the shelter (she had been there for over a year), and was extremely overweight. She was so fat, she could not groom her back, and was covered in mats. Both cats came home with my parents today, and I just spent an hour on the phone with my mother, and rather than behaving like a 61 year-old, she was like a 12 year-old herself!!!!! She was telling me what the two kitties were doing at each moment, baby-talking the kitties, and giving me every detail play-by-play. I told her that she should change their names to Fred and Ginger (like Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers) or Fred and Ethel (like on I Love Lucy)...they loved that idea.

Anyway, I just wanted to give a shout out on the web to my folks, who have the biggest hearts in the world, and all the love in the world to share with their new shelter babies...bless them both for giving these two a second chance and a lifelong home. They've never owned a cat that they didn't love to lucky this pair is to have my parents as their new mom and dad.

Here's Shelby's (or Ginger/Ethel...whichever it will end up being) Petfinder photo. Fred didn't have one. Isn't she a beautiful girl?
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Aww, she is a beautiful girl! I like the idea of the name change - cute!
I wish more people were like your parents.
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She's such a pretty girl! Bless your parents for giving these two sweeties a home. They are truly wonderful, caring people!
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aww she is so cute. your parents are awesome for taking them in.
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The next time you see your folks give them a big hug from our family. What a wonderful thing they are doing.

When we lost our beloved Simba I felt the same way about coming home to an empty house. We got our Bijou and then a few months later his sister Mika (when our daughter moved back home with Mika) and they make our livs complete.

Thanks for sharing this wonderful story about your parent and their new fur babies.
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Aw, these kitties deserve this happy furever home
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to your parents for taking these precious babies in!!! Bless them for taking in the "not-so-perfect" ones
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Your parents certainly have big hearts to take in 2 kitties . Bless them.
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It's nice to hear your parents are happy with 2 kitties they have big hearts to adopt after loosing a lontime love. I'm sure the kitties love them big bunches
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That is wonderful that they took 2 babies with them! The name change sounds great! I am sure these kitties will show them how much they appreciate being saved! to your parents!!
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Yea!!!! I'm soo excited to hear those rescue kitties found a lovely forever home with your parents!!!!!Give them our TCS love!
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awww that is soo great and your parents seem to be happy about having 2 new babies
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That's awesome! It'd take all eternity for my parents to decide to adopt another cat from shelter - they like adopting the cat, they just say "it takes to much work" - 2 more pets saved from the shelter
( Nothings wrong with the shelter, it's just they all need families to love )

give the cats a from me too!
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