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My hair is his favorite toy!

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I have a 4 month old kitten who I'd really like to share the bed with, but every single time I lay down he immediately dives into my hair and starts playing with it. I play with him usually right before bed, hoping he's worn out, but ALL he wants to do is have at my scalp.

Is there any way I can stop this? I'm not even sure how I'd go about changing this behavior, I've tried wearing a hat, and he just tears it off.

Any help would be greatly appreciated
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Excuse me, but did you borrow my 4 month old kitten, Captain Steuben, when I wasn't looking? Because he too has a ridiculous hair obsession!!!! I have really long hair, and he's convinced that my entire head is just one big human ball of yarn, that is at his disposal, whether I'm trying to pet him, whether I'm sitting on the couch, or trying to sleep. My hair and head gets randomly attacked at any point during the day. I feel that the only solutions at this point would be to A) shave my head circa Sinead O'Connor, B) wear a football helmet all day, or C) hide on the highest shelf, where Captain Steuben cannot access my hair or head.

I do chalk most of it up to Steuben still having A LOT of kitten left in him...and hey, hair is stringy, hair is great kitten fun, so why not??? Wear your hair up a lot where he can't get it. I'm actually still laughing that your kitten tears your hat off your head at night...sound like the Captain. Or whip out a string with a toy tied to the end of it each time he goes at your hair.

Trust me, I feel your pain.
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LOL--they must be somehow related. The first night I got him--I slept in the same room with him. I woke up to a bloody scalp as he got too carried away. I know he didnt MEAN to do any harm *i didn't wake up, so It obviously couldn't have hurt too bad*, but I definately have only tried a few times since. I'm honestly considering duct taping a plastic bowl to my head. I really really want to snuggle up with him but I'm a bit scared.

Think it might just be safer to wait til he's all grown up and *hopefully* calmer?
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Probably. Although I would be interested to know how the duct tape and plastic bowl idea pans out. And we all must have pictures of your methodology as well.
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Try a different shampoo. Maybe your kitty likes the smell of the one you are using. You could also put your hair in braids before going to bed.
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I never even thought of that... I'll try it and let you know Thanks!

By the way- if i do try the duct tape and bowl, I'll be sure to post pics...its bound to be hilarious.
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My Neo likes to "groom" me. He'll grab a handful and just start licking and nibbling. He usually licks it the wrong direction, so he's inadvertently teasing my hair. Then he'll get stuck and it'll be very difficult to get him out of my hair. He doesn't do it as much now as he did when he was a kitten, but he'll still do it to new, friendly people with long hair. I guess he's learned that I don't want him stuck in my hair.
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Just be careful that he isn't eating it. I would think that hair would be like string or tinsel and could be very harmful to a cat and cause problems in the intestines.
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