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Saturday DT

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My dad called, about 8:00, last night. Mom got better and they let her go home! Bill and I are going up to their house, this morning. Mark should be up, too. I left a message on his machine. We'll stop off, somewhere and get her a new stuffed animal or figurine. I'm so relieved! Between her and Mark, I'm going to be as gray as Bill! Happy weekend!
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Cindy! That is great news! I am so happy for you.

Today it is raining and gray outside, so the house gets my full attention in a little bit anyway. All the critters came home last night right before the storm broke- they seem to know when the bad weather is coming and hustle it on inside.

This morning as I was feeding Trave and Race I was standing pretty close to the wooden fence with my back to it. Suddenly, I felt a wet sopping paw on my neck. Shredder had walked the wood and decided my shoulder would be a lot dryer to sit on. So I had a cat perched on my shoulder while I was feeding the horses, they looked amused at mom in her hunchback state......or would that be bellringer state? *G*
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Happy Saturday everyone!

Well, I managed to get myself into a situation. I'm the local guinea pig rescue, but there hasn't been any need FOR a GP rescue here. So I found out about some pigs that DESPERATELY needed a home, and now I've got about 20 (maybe more if I can find additional foster homes!) coming in this week from California where they're over-run by guinea pigs. 10 will be going to another foster home in Pueblo the next day. 1 is a special needs pig that will be going to the vet for a tooth trim immediately. So.... if anyone in Utah, Colorado or New Mexico is interested in adopting or fostering a guinea pig, you know who to get ahold of! Anyone??? Please???

Cindy, I'm glad to hear your Mom is better!

Hissy, Spawn has done that sort of thing to me before, but never with wet paws! I'm sure that was a wonderful feeling ~ soggy paws on your neck ~ LOL!
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Jin I will ask a few people I know in Colorado and get back to you.
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Oh, thank you, hissy!! That would be WONDERFUL! There are over 100 guinea pigs that desperately need homes right now. We've got 15 spoken for already. The more we can bring to Colorado and place, the better. The CA market is just saturated, and there just aren't any adopters out there. Even if someone doesn't want to keep them but is willing to foster a few for as long as it takes me to place my 6 fosters (and then I can take them), that would be SUCH a big help.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
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I've had a busy day! Got up and did yoga, went tanning, ran to the post office, went to petsmart, DSW Warehouse (bought some shoes), went grocery shopping, came home, did laundry, cleaned the kitchen, tried out a new recipe for the SO, cleaned some strawberries, talked to 3LK for awhile , and now we're getting ready to go to the movies!

I'm loving yoga! While I'm doing it, it's HARD but then after I'm done I can't wait to do it again. After 5 classes I'm seeing muscles in my shoulders and arms I've never seen before! Anybody else do yoga?

Jin, I wish I knew someone in CO to help take some piggies off your hands!
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Today was uneventful for me, but that's quite all right! I spent the day playing on this machine, reading a science-fiction book and going to the supermarket for a few odds and ends. Well, that's about all from me!

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