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Report on Leba III natural teeth cleaner

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A couple months ago I became interested in Leba III, a “natural dental cleaner for your cat†by LebaLab Inc and after getting some favorable comments here and elsewhere I ordered a bottle and have been using in on Rocket and Twinkie for the last six weeks.

The product claims to work by making the mouth more acid, which is supposed to dissolve plaque and make the teeth whiter.

When I adopted Twinkie his teeth were quite yellow and he had some mild gingivitis. I was thinking about having his teeth cleaned at the vet. But I’m concerned about the expense and about the risk of anesthesia. Several months of regular teeth-brushing cleared up his gingivitis and made marked improvement in the color of his teeth. But they still were noticeably yellow.

Rocket’s teeth weren’t too bad since I’ve been brushing his teeth all along. But I included him in the trial to see what the product did for him. I didn’t include Mellie because her teeth were in even better shape than Rocket’s, and I wanted some kind of control. Incremental day-by-day changes are hard to register over time.

I gave Twinkie and Rocket the product via twice-daily sprays directly into the mouth, as instructed. I reduced their teeth brushing from once a day to once a week. The product directions advise no teeth brushing as it affects the product’s mechanism of action. Both cats hated the stuff, and I got quite a struggle from Rocket up until about four weeks of it, when he seemed to resign himself to it. A cat isn’t supposed to eat within 30 minutes of administration. I caught Rocket drinking water right after many times, which probably reduces the effectiveness. Eventually I just put him in a room right after for half an hour or so. Neither cat had any problems with adverse reactions.

And now to the results: Leba III does work. Probably not as good as the pictures and testimonials on the website. But both cats’ teeth are noticeably whiter. The yellow coating on Twinkie’s canines is almost gone. The spot on Twinkie’s molar that I thought might be a cavity, and which I’m now convinced is a stain, is considerably lighter. I’m not able to check under the edges of the gums, so if there was plaque there (which is the prime cause of periodontal disease) I don’t know if it dissolved that as well. My conclusion is that Leba III does work to make the teeth whiter, but I can’t say whether or not it prevents periodontal disease, and it’s too early to tell if it has moved back the need for teeth cleaning. But I think it probably has. I do recommend this product.
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Good to know.
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Thank you for this endorsement. I have been thinking of trying this stuff for Lexus as she needs a good cleaning as soon as her kittens as weaned and I was hoping to do something for her until then. Thanks again!
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Doesn't the acidity erode enamel like a lot of mouthwashes do?
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I suppose that's a possibility if you use it twice a day on a regular basis. But that frequency is just four to six weeks to get the teeth clean. Anything strong enough to erode enamel in just six weeks is going to be pretty hard on the mouth.
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Thank you for the report, Tim! I was wondering if anybody had tried it!

I spoke to my vets about Leba III, but it seems unknown in the UK! I'd be interested to give it a go also, will have to see if/when it'll be available here!

Good to know it seems to work though!
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I reread the directions and it says for maintenance you use it once a day, so shadowbaby might have a valid concern about tooth enamel. I don't know whether this product has been around long enough for there to be an answer to that. I don't plan to use it once a day because I'm brushing my cats' teeth. But just to caution that if you do use it like that on a long-term basis I suppose it's possible that you're conducting an experiment.
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