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New baby

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My son and i were out walking and look what we found. He has already made himself at home.[IMG][/IMG]

My son decided to name him Spike.He already has a favorite spot too.[IMG][/IMG]
teddi tolerates him for the most part.
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It's my Tiger's twin!

What a dollbaby!

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Oh, he's beautiful. Congratulations on the new addition.
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aww he is very cute good luck with the new kitten and hope to see lots of pics soon
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He's adorable! I have a kitten that I'm taking care of that looks just like him.
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He resembles Fergus, only Ferg has a bit more white on him.

Spike is adorable!!!! How cozy and at-home he looks laying on that blanket!!!! What a sweetie!
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This may be a silly question, but I assume you tried to figure out if he had a home and had just managed to somehow escape?
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Isn't he a little cutie pie!!
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