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i'm new and my cats have strange names

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I'm Deb. I live in Seattle with my imported husband (C.) and two lovely kitties, Kimpale and Schadenfreude:

The cats:

schadenfreude, aka mr schadenkitty:

kimpale, aka kim, kimmer, mr kim, who is camera-shy mostly:

Schadenfreude's a 20-pound Maine coon. Not fat, just *big*. He was a rescue kitty -- someone adopted him from the rescue and then brought him back a week later. I'm grateful to that person. To be fair, it took a month or so before he warmed up to me, and he's always been a bitey kitty. Not hard bites, though. He just nips at you to get your attention ("pet me!" "change the box!" "stop petting me!").

Like most Maine coons, he's friendly and intelligent. He loves coconut for reasons I can't even begin to guess at (it's yummy, but for a cat?). His other great love appears to be sleeping on cardboard. It started when he found an empty temporary litter box (the cardboardish kind) and repurposed it into a cat bed. He got annoyed at us while we were packing to move last month; he was surrounded by all these lovely beds and we kept chasing him off them.

The pictures don't do Kim justice; he's a beautiful sable cat (brown undercoat, black topcoat) with the fluffiest tummy fur. C. claims that Kim is perfect in every way. Kim's favorite thing in the world is to be cradled like a baby by someone who's petting his tummy; his second favorite is sleeping curled up in C's armpit at night. Kim also seems to have the world's heaviest chin. When it gets to be too much, he drapes it on someone -- he's got this habit of suddenly appearing in your lap. You’ll be petting him and suddenly realize that you didn't actually invite him into your lap. He's utterly adorable and purrs almost constantly.

Kim came from the pound, but we didn't rescue him. We just got there first. The first time I picked him up he turned into this furry purring lump in my arms. That's where his name comes from -- my boyfriend at the time wanted to name him Lump. I would not do that to the poor cat[1], so we searched the net and came up with Kimpale, the Finnish word for lump. Schadenfreude gets his name from a German word for taking joy in the misfortune of another. It's a good cat name.

They actually are amazingly well-behaved cats. Neither one will go to the bathroom anywhere but a litter box. I let changing it go too long a few weeks ago, and instead of peeing in a corner, the guys jumped onto the bed while I as sleeping, then walked to the box when I got up. The other morning, after I changed the box, Schad came into the bathroom where I was washing my hands and tapped me on the leg with his paw, then went to go pee. It was almost like he was saying thank you.

The reason we moved was our landlords; they wanted to make the building no pets and tried to claim that we were only allowed one cat. It turned into a mess and we decided to move, but during that time Kim had to spend a week with some friends of ours. The whole time he was gone, Schad wandered around the house making his loud distressed meow-cry. The day Kim came home, Schad stopped crying.

We bought them shrimps and cream (with lactaid) and ourselves a bottle of champagne to celebrate.

I've probably gone on too long, so I'll stop here.


[1]Though this didn't stop me from agreeing to name our third cat Rat B*****d. It's a term of endearment where C's from and it amused the vet. He had to go live with a friend of ours out in the country because he couldn't bear being indoor-only.
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Hi there Deb we're so happy to welcome you Schadenfreude and Kimpale to TCS. I'm sure you'll enjoy your stay with us - we're one great big family and you'll find loads of friends here. If I can help at all while you're finding your way around TCS just click on my username and send me a Personal Message - I'll do what I can to answer your questions

You have such lovely kitties. Tolstoy is like Kimpale, in that all of a sudden I'll realise that I'm fussing Tolly and at some point he obviously climbed into my lap
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Hello Deb what beautiful cats you have! Welcome to TCS!
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Hi Deb welcome to TCS. Your cats are adorable.
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Hi and welcome to TCS!!!!

See you on the forums!
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What a lovely introduction! Welcome to you and your lovely cats.
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Welcome to TCS Deb

Kim and mr schadenkitty are beautiful cats
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