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Siamese kitties.....

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Ok so hubby and I were sitting on the porch just now when I spotted a siamese kitty across the street. I, of course, was calling for it "kitty kitty" and my husband says "yeah thats it, call a MEAN cat over here. Tiger would be SO happy with you "... Is this true? Are siamese known to be tempermental? I have never had a siamese kitty and if this one doesn't belong to anyone he might end up with a new home here
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I have had a siamese's for over 12 years ,and I have never had one mean one! I have had 6,of them.
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My mom used to breed them, and I have always, until very recently, had one in my life, never seen a mean one, ever.

The meaness is a myth, an old wives tale that was perpetuated by Si and Am, the Siamese cats in Lady and the Tramp.
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Thats what I thought too. I am SOOOOO gonna rub this in his face now

He says he's always heard they'll fight and scratch... what a dork
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Noooooo!! Siamese are very regal! Very gentle, very elegant cats Our Siamese at age 14 is still queen of the house at my mums place, and just does not have a mean bone in her body. In the 14 years we've had her and we got her as a kitten, she has never shown any signs of aggression, and I mean never! When we got her I was 11 and my brother was 12, and we loved tormenting the cats (playing in our eyes!), and our tabby Bonnie would regularly attack us, whereas Coco the Siamese would just tell us off in her siamese voice and walk away
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Bijou and Mika have changed a lot of peoples' minds about nasty Siamese propaganda. Mika loves kids and is all over them like white on rice.

Neither one has a mean bone in their body. We've had one of our friends actually go to our breeder to get one of her babies. One of our members here on TCS wanted a cat like our Bijou so I shipped one of his sisters (from a later litter) to her in California. Her name is Tia and she is mostly referred to as "velcro kitty". She just wants to be loved and held all the time.

One of the children next door came over to see Bijou when he was outside on his leash with us. She was petting him and said how friendly he was. She told me her mother told her that Siamese were nasty and would destroy your house. People need to get educated!

If you have the opportunity to get a Siamese you will have a life-alterning experience of the best kind.
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I do believe I am going to ask the neighbor if the kitty is thiers... if not... its MINE!
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Originally Posted by DixieDarlin256

I do believe I am going to ask the neighbor if the kitty is thiers... if not... its MINE!
'Dat a girl!
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Yea, I've mainly only had siamese cats and my heart belongs to the breed. I've yet to encounter a mean siamese.
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My Chessy is a Siamese mix and he is the sweetest, most affectionate cat I have ever met.
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I've been owned by Siamese for the past 30 years. I have 4 right now. They are the best cats there are.Smart, loyal and loving. Never seen a mean one yet.
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Meezers are great! I hope in the future I can be owned by one again
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My mum said that Siamese cats are very loyal, posh and stuck up!

Teufel is part siamese!
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Originally Posted by fwan
My mum said that Siamese cats are very loyal, posh and stuck up!

That describes to a T, our Kanarus (RB), the meezer that raised me.
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I have 2 Siamese... 1 blue point, 1 seal point... both under 1 year old... and in no way are they mean. my blue point I got because a lady turned him into the humane society and said he was hyper... hello he was 9 weeks old.... Siamese are known to be " snooty" for lock of a better word, but never have i met a mean one. my siamese tell ME when its time to eat, play, sleep... they may be a little controlling, but never mean.
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I've grown up with Siamese cats. I LOVE them. I never had an itnerest in any other breed of cat, because I thought most couldn't live up to all of the wonderful qualities Siamese have, until I bought my first Bengal. Now I love Bengal's and Siamese.

I couln't see myself without at least 1 Meezer in my life. Right now, I have 2 Meezer's Ms SunLee and Shane. They are such wonderful and special cats, brains amd beauty all rolled up in one special furry package.
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I have a 3 yr old siamese mix. She is the sweetest cat ever. Only problem is she still acts like a kitten. She gets into everything. I wouldn't hesitate to get another siamese.

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