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The "big and little" thread...

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I absolutely love "big and little" pics... like an adult cat first meeting a new kitten..things like that. Anyone else have those kinds of pics?

This is Mayhem's first meeting with Apache. We call this the "Are you my mother?" picture

Of course once Mayhem got older he outgrew Apache by just a tad... (she was 8lbs, he was 24!)
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I love it! And I love the "Are you my mother?" children's book! That is the best picture I've seen in awhile. I love how Mayhem's like "What do you want. What is this tiny ball of fluff that dares look at me!"
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Aww thanks

OMG isn't that the greatest book! I used to read that all the time!

Oh, btw, Mayhem is the little one, Apache is the big one. But you're right. Pache always had that attitude. The "how dare you look at me! I outrank you!"

Mayhem eventually became this monster :
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Mayhem sure turned into the cooky monster, didn't he! I love huge cats. Just try telling my near-full-grown six lb cat that! She says "Ha! I will be small and you will love me anyway!" and of course I do.

That pic is just sooooo classic! My only favoriter one is one from when Zissou was a kitten and she was snuggled up next to my sister's Percival on the couch, and her whole self is the size of his head. They're both looking at the camera with the exact same expression, like "What? We're cold. Leave us alone, silly mortal."

Apache looks like my kinda girl. Did she give you that look too?
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Adorable! I love that Mayhem appears to be in front of the same door in both pictures (years later of course). It helps you really see the drastic size difference. What a cutie.
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Here is Tiger and Reilly when she was a baby... He used to let her nurse on him too

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Extremely patient Whiskers (RB) and baby Trouble

Cassi and Ivory modelling their matching coneheads
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These are the only pics that I have so far that show their big differences in weight - Harley is SO much bigger than Davidson! More to cuddle with!

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Here is 15 pound Monte the day we brought Tai home.

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great pics but I gotta say that last one there....Harley and Davidson! do you get shots like that??? thats awesome!
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ok so it wasn't the last one...I guess Luvmysphynx posted at the same time as I did...that ones a pretty cute pic as well....I haven't had the need to dress Eeyore up yet but it was winter when Diego arrived and I had a black knit sweater that looked like a turtle neck on him...all it was, was a sleeve from one of my shrunken sweaters...he hated having me put it on but once on he was perfectly content
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awww... these are too cute!
this is the only one i could find. lol.
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Oh, how precious!!

Here's daddy Ziggy and his babies.
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When Rosie met Sophie

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Oh my gosh guys! These are all too cute!
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Susan, I just adore those photos of Rosie & Sophie
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Originally Posted by babyharley
These are the only pics that I have so far that show their big differences in weight - Harley is SO much bigger than Davidson! More to cuddle with!

This picture with the mouths open is absolutely perfect!!!!
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These are all so cool, but I have to say I have a soft spot for Ziggy and his babies.

I shall have to see if I have any 'big and little' - I don't think so though.

ETA: No, I don't
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Susan, I love that picture of Rosie and Sophie sitting on the stairs together!
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Luna helping clean her Uncle Alex's ear.

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Rosie would love Luna doing that to her!
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This is Alex when he was still itty-bitty, with his late playmate, Bobo, one of the sweetest cats in the world. They were adorable together!
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Here's Cooper & Pouncer checking each other out.

And here they are playing after each of them decided the other was worthy of their attention.
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Mia is the baby and she hasn't met a cat yet she didn't like!! Her older brothers and sisters can't always say the same about her!!

She was fixing to pounce right on top of Poohbear. Normally she goes for the throat. He knew she was coming, just not from which direction.

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Eva the look on both their faces is priceless!!
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I love these pics! Please keep posting them!!!!
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Kuro and Mily

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