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Kitty prayers needed

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My inside only kitty, Gypsy, snuck out today when I opened the door and got hit by a car She seems relatively ok, other than the fact that one of her back legs seems to be broken and shes scraped up a bit. She doesn't have any laboured breathing or any sore spots on her body so I'm hoping everything is ok internally. I'm leaving for the Emergency Vet in a bit, but please send some kitty prayers and good thoughts our way
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Oh Melissa, that's so sad. I am glad she survived and am sending tons of kitty prayers your way. Hope ti goes well at the vets.
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Blessings galore for Gypsy! I hope she heals quickly and is soon her normal self. What a worry this is for you. Let us know how she progresses. I hope the person who hit her was kind enough to stop.
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I hope Gypsy will be ok! Kitty hugs and kisses going out to you and Gypsy from us!
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Many good thoughts and prayers for you and your baby. It just goes to show that no matter how careful you are things can happen in the blink of an eye. Please keep us posted.
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Melissa, I am so sorry to hear about what happened to poor Gypsy! I hope everything is ok and she has a quick recovery.
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Aw poor Gypsy, I hope she recovers fully and is playing again soon.
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I was so sorry to read this. Poor Gypsy! Having nursed a cat through a broken leg, look for her to just want to sleep all the time even for 2 weeks. This is how cats restore themeselves especially after such a shock! I hope the kids didn't see it happen, and it could of been so much worse for Gyspy. Hugs to the family and your furry pal.
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Mel, I hope she recovers quickly! Good thoughts coming your way!
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Prayers and good thoughts headed your way from Colorado! I certainly hope Gypsy makes a speedy recovery!
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sending prayers your way from Maryland. Let us know what the vet says
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Just got back from the Vet- no broken bones. They shaved her leg and found a wound and said the muscle seemed to be cut as well and bled, as there was evidence of bruising. They gave her a shot for pain and some antibiotics to take and I have to keep a close eye on her to make sure no infection or abcesses show up. Shes doing well, has a bit of a fever, but drank and ate a little when she got home and is putting a little weight on the leg. Thanks for all your well wishes everyone :rainbow: Its nice to know that there are people rooting for her
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That's such good news!
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Melissa, I just now saw your thread. I'm so glad Gypsy wasn't seriously injured or worse. Sending positive thoughts your way for Gypsy's quick recovery.
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Glad to hear she is going to be ok. I know you must be so relieved.
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I was so glad to read this! Just watch the leg for spots of heat that is the first sign it is going to abscess. Give her a gentle hug from me.
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Kitty kisses to your house from mine! I will pray for a speedy recovery for your little girl!
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Please give Gypsy a rub of encouragement from me, Michaela and Tonya. I'm thrilled she escaped more serious injury! Please let us know how her recovery progresses.

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Gypsy woke me up this morning with head butts and purrs She seems to be feeling much better today, is walking on the leg and jumping up on things like nothing happened. Would you believe when we first got home from the Vet yesterday and I let her out of the carrier, the first thing she tried to do was run outside?? I thought she'd be afraid to go back out there, but I was wrong. I'm going to have to keep a close eye on this sneaky little one
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I'm so glad to hear she's ok!! They never seem to learn their lessons though... Hopefully she won't get the chance to sneak out again.
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Melissa! I wasn't online yesterday, so this is the first I had read about Gypsy. I am SOOO happy to hear she had no broken bones and is doing better now! When I read the first line of your post, and it said she was hit by a car, my heart just sank...I thought she had been killed! But then I was releived to see she was still alive!
I'm so glad she is doing so well now!!!! *Hugs* to you and Gypsy!!
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Melissa - I am so glad she is doing better! I can just imagine your fright when that happened! I now have to go give my kitties a lecture about running outside - I'll call it the "Gypsy" story.
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Melissa - I've been away from the site all weekend and just saw this. What a scare! Poor Gypsy! I was so relieved to read that she is OK. Big, gentle hugs to her from us.
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How is Gypsy?
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Well, a few days into her medication and shes doing just fine, the leg looks good, shes keeping it very clean, and no hot spots. The little bugger ran out the door this morning though, and I had to chase her down. I guess she didn't learn a thing

Thanks to all of you for your concern and long distance virtual kitty hugs :rainbow:
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