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Food advice please

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Debating changing my cats food, I have found out about a holistic food that is the same price as what the girls food is, and easier to get hold of, but just wanted peoples opinions - this food can apparently be fed any cat, adult or senior, most health issues, and just seems a bit too good to be true.

Chicken and Brown rice flavour

Brown Rice (min 46%), Poultry Meat Meal (min 36%), Maize, Poultry Fat, Chicken Liver, Seaweed, Vits and Minerals.

OCean Fish

Brown Rice (min 42%), Fish Meal (Min 35%), Maize, Fish Oil, Chicken Liver, SEaweed, Vits and Mins.

Do have the analysis for both if needed. I would be looking at feeding a mixture of both - the meat content is higher than what they are on (26%), but what they are on is Fresh Scottish Salmon or Fresh Organic Chicken, no mention of it being meal - dont know if this is good or bad.
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i don't have a problem with meal, since usually that means a greater percentage of protein than a fresh source [doesn't have the water anymore] but why is a grain the first ingredient? cats are carnivores...
i almost didn't respond in this thread, since there are so many more knowledgeable [sp?] people here on the site than i, but i noticed it had been over an hour since you posted, so... anyway, that's my take. i'd look for a food that has a protein source as the number one ingredient.
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I dont like how much grain is in it ... the first ingrediant is grain and 42to 46% is nearly half the bag is the first ingrediant then meat and then corn so I would roughly say 60% is grain...
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Well, I have decided to give this food a miss, I know people who feed it and say there cats do well, but I wont bother. It is supposed to be natural and holistic, developed by a Vat and formulated to promote vitality. The other thing that I was iffy about when I first looked into it (before knowing about meat content) is that it claims to help so many things. I Can apparently feed it to both my under and overweight cats, it can be used for adults and seniors, and will help a variety of illnesses - when I first looked into it, I had a cat with liver probs and an overweight cat, and I could feed them both. It even says that with the way it breaks down, you might not need to even do dental cleanings on this food. Just seems a bit too good to be true to me.
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