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weird sounds your cats make

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Nathan Cat isn't very vocal, except in the morning when he wants his breakfast. He never meows (I don't think he can)--instead he makes this kind of screechy sound that DH calls the baby pterodactyl, kind of like, "mrAH!" But this morning he came out with a completely new one I'd never heard before. As I was getting out of bed he came running across the bedroom at me, and the entire time he was going, "eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...." I laughed so hard I thought I was going to wet my pants.

So what weird sounds do your kitties make?
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Emily sounds like a bird...I can't describe it any other way. But if I didn't know it was her I'd swear it was a bird.
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suzie kind of murbles to the other kitties. Rocky sounds like a baby wanting to be picked up when he wants attention.. kinda like wah! He is also our only chatterer. Cookie sounds sorta normal. Just a meow here and there when he wants you to look his way. Zakk has an annoucement meow.. It's sorta like, okay, I jumped up on the table, here I am! He also screetches when he is losing a wrestling match.
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Demeter has this raspy meow, kinda like what a cat would sound like if they had laryngitis Antigone squeeks, that's the only way I can describe it and Sapphire chirps, I don't think I've ever heard her actually meow
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Callie 'meeps'. She starts the meow, but never finishes it. It has a little 'eh' on the end.
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Spike, when startled, makes this kind of "mrrrrruppp?" sound. When he wants something he can't have (including attention), he makes a sound that can only be described as the protest of a dejected goat: "mehhhhhhhhh" (very long and drawn-out, but kind of apathetic sounding, if that makes any sense?). Oz makes more normal cat-sounds: he just makes them loudly, to be certain we can hear him.

My parents' 18-year-old cat has never meowed in her life, but she mews like a kitten. And she talks ... constantly! (Probably because my father talks back.) If she wants something from you and you're not getting it for her, you'll get an earful!

I've read that cats in the wild don't normally talk as much, and that this is kittenish behaviour that they keep up because their humans don't understand feline body language. If we could talk to them on their terms, they'd be less vocal -- their talking to us out loud is the equivilent of speaking loudly and slowly to someone who doesn't speak English. (I suggest visiting if you're interested in this; the cat archives have a lot of fascinating insight!)
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Pudge has a fairly quiet meow (and a specific sound fo everything). If you pick her up when she is not in the mood to be held, she says lets out a very squeaky, whiny sounding "mroooooo" which sounds suspiciously like "noooooo" the whole way up. If you reach out and touch her when she's focused on something, she'll sometimes let out a little "eek!" noise.
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Originally Posted by justgreen
Callie 'meeps'. She starts the meow, but never finishes it. It has a little 'eh' on the end.
Nedicks meeps too! She has a whole repertoire of sounds actually, but she meeps loudly to scold me, like, "MEEP! MOMMY WHY'D YOU STOP PETTING ME!"
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Ripley makes the wierdest noises. When she wants attention (and she's a tortoiseshell...I'm a full believer in "tortitude"), she wants it NOW, and completely on HER terms, and she'll crash her chin into my ankles and make a "brrrrrrrrooowwwwww." When she knows I'm whipping out her breakfast or supper, it's a "brrrrrowowowow." If she's feeling whiny, it's usually a few miserable-sounding "reowww's". She is such a bizarro female.
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Spaz yowls into her food (or when she's stealing food off the stovetop).

Shadow is just whiney.

Trouble sings, very melodic cat.

Vash mewls like a kitten.

Cassi trills, chirps, meeps, merps, and sings

Ivory barks mrrf!
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For the longest time she would suck on the other cats and dogs belly's wether it was a male and female and also sucked on her own belly. It was soooooooooooo weird. It was like she was looking for a nipple or something and it just made this weird sucking sound. It was crazy cause their stomachs would be completely wet from her sucking on them.
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When B and I first moved in together, Luna absolutely hated that she had to share the spotlight. And she didn't like Beauty at all either. One day we were playing with her and Beauty popped up on the bed. Luna went into instant upset and began howling...then she made monkey sounds. B and I were rolling all over the place and kept trying to get her to make the monkey sounds again.
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Mystical for the longest time when she moewed it sounded like Momma, but now it's a long stretched out MMMMMOOOOOMMMMAAA, both moews were for food.

Stormy, she doesn't moew. Instead when she wants attention, she will pat your arm with her paw, look long into yours in hope you can read her thoughts.

Cuddles, she does this like a broken moew, but more like a morreerr, sound. She only does it when she chases flies or sees birds outside.

Sushi, now she's the meower. Shes only 8 weeks old but she does these hush moew, but if you don't get what she wants she gets louder. She meows for food or attention.
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heyu(she wont answer to trisha) yowls at me when i get home from work every morning. lol it always sounds like i am being yelled at after i come home from a hard nights work I have never heard a normal meow come out of her. Lots of chrips and bird like sounds. long with uh oh, sound she makes sometimes,
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My whole tribe have fairly normal meows, most of them will chatter or trill while they are watching the birds.

But when Rumpleteaser is talking to me, she has this really funny "m'yak, m'yak" sound that she makes, very short and chopped sounding.
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Stoli has the most whiney meow I've EVER heard, it's grating. And when he doesn't think anyone is listening, it the uber meow::: rrrroooowwwwuuuhh
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Our new kitten meows all the time.. and when she wants to be held, she'll sit there and meow this whiney little meow that almost sounds like a baby crying.. Clover, Lucy, and Stinky make these weird sounds, usually when they see a fly, and when they open their mouth to meow, nothing comes out but this weird sound.. I don't even know how to describe it.. it almost sounds like a clicking noise.
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Katie makes a cute little chirping noise when she wants to communicate with me. Peter has rather high-pitched, very unmasculine meow that he uses when I'm not moving fast enough with his food. Claire does the silent meow often, which is totally adorable, and she occasionally lets out a very, soft sweet meow. Then there's Gracie. She's got a whole range of meows from pitiful to demanding. She either has me feeling sorry for her or like she's bossing me around!
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Originally Posted by Mirinae
Spike, ........he makes a sound that can only be described as the protest of a dejected goat: "mehhhhhhhhh" (very long and drawn-out, but kind of apathetic sounding, if that makes any sense?).

OMG OMG yes yes that is the sound that comes out of Loki tooooo!!!

He has two other noteworthy sounds; 1) I call the Marilyn Monroes sound cause it's very breathy and the other 2) when he demands my attention is that of an Alien trying to escape from body!!!!

Otherwise he has a hugh variety of little meows and than there is this very soft and pathetic one he uses with his big round eyes to guilt mom into anything!!!!
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Cleo sounds just like Snoopy from Peanuts when she yawns.
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Duke does a "eeeerrrr....rrroooowww....rrroooowww" when he wants food
Sibohan tends to click at birds outside "eh,eh,eh,eh,eh..."
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