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help please??

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Smokey is constipated and has been lying around sickly for 2 days..she travels back and forth to the litter box "trying" to go with no success...today she looked very weak...I decided to have a look down there and could see..."it was stuck"...I placed some vaseline on her butt to see if she could move it ...well that took awhile and it finally moved out...she's still the same way only a tad better...my question is besides hairballs what's causing this? and what can I use to clean up the area...it's a mess and smells bad...I'm afraid to use soap...she'll only lick it and get sick all over again...thanks for any help...
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Poor little Smokey! Constipation has to be the absolute worst feeling!

If there is a Petsmart or other pet-related store in your area, you might try getting a tube of Laxatone. Just read the directions and give it to Smokey accordingly. It can help.

But if this continues, you might also want the vet to see her. Severe constipation may also signify a blockage and the vet will want to make certain everything is moving along nicely.

Best of luck, and gentle chin-scritches to your little girl.

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As far as cleaning her up, just use a damp rag with warm water but be careful as she will be mighty sore down there. But you want to keep soap off of it, if you have mineral oil, it will help to loosen any stuff caught in her fur. If she is a long hair, you might want to carefully clip away some of the hairs around her bum to help her for awhile. But as Gaye has already said, a vet visit would be a very good idea if this continues.
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Awww.. poor little girl.

I just went through about a month of digestive problems with Spike, and when he was thought to be constipated, my vet said to try canned pumpkin.. the sort you would use in a pumpkin pie. She said to give him about a tablespoon, and he should go within about 24 hours, and to bring him in if it didn't help at all. Well, I gave him about half a teaspoon... he wasn't overly thrilled with the pumpkin , but about 12-14 hours later, he was able to go. I'm not sure if it was definitely the pumpkin that helped, or if it finally decided it was time on its own, but I was thrilled either way. Just thought I'd share.
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Using the hairball remedies with Petromadum is no good for cats.I buy the Product Vetbasis....Awesome product of health for your kitty.It is actually a Vitalizer and Hairball relief in one.I give a 1 inch ribbon on my finger everyday for my oldest cat..Teddie..who is 19..He loves it.

Contains Glucosamine

Benefits Joint Health

Provides Supplemental Vitamins & Antioxidants

Petroleum Free Gel

Healthy Breath & Body Senior gel is a special treat that you can indulge your pet in every day! Older pets can have the same physical difficulties and challenges as older people do. Healthy Breath & Body Senior contains vitamins, antioxidants and glucosamine so that your pets can continue to do many of the things that bring them the greatest pleasure: running, jumping and playing!

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I like to buy Slippery Elm at the health food store.I buy the powder form and I just simmer it in with some water than let it sit for a few in the refrigarator and apply it in with his food.It has a great taste that cats like and Slippery Elm does just what it means besides having lots of vitamins.
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My cat was constipated after a surgery and the vet advised me to sprinkle linseeds over her food.She used to be a very clean cat but that time she couldn´t make it in time to her litterbox.It worked perfectly and cost next to nothing. Ask others about it. Good luck and all the best to all of you Elisabeth
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