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pooping incident...

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Today, one of my cats, not sure which one (zoe or haliey), pooped on the carpet, this is the first time this has happend. I was woundering if it could be nothing or if it might be a sign of illness or something else. Should i just keep an eye out for them, or what should i do, if u need more info, let me know.
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Assuming neither one is doing anything else unusual I would just keep an eye out. Sometimes it just gets stuck on their fur when they're in the box and then it drops off elsewhere in the house (lovely, I know).
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mamacat, i'm not sure if thats right, cuz the droppings didnt look as if that happend, it looked like it was droped there when they pooped, and another thing, my cats are short haird and well groomed so they don't get furr stuck back there. Thanks for the sugestion tho.
any other sugestions?
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Well, I'm out of ideas. Still, one poop on the floor doesn't seem like a major thing. I'd keep an eye out and see if it happens again, then I think you'd want to call your vet. (Of course, you'd want to try to figure out who did it...)
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Bijou, being a Siamese is very short-haired. Sometimes he gets poo stuck and it ends up on the carpet. It's not stuck to his fur, it's actually stuck in his bum (sometimes I notice a hairlike thing will be holding pieces of their poo together so assume that's what is happening). I had firsthand experience of this one night when I was cleaning his litter and before I could finish he jumped in and decided to do his business (with his back to me of course so I could see and smell everything ). When he finished he had a piece of poo still stuck. I chased after him, wet a piece of toilet paper and gently helped him get it off.
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I've had a similar experience with my Voodoo. Although I keep my litter boxes extremely clean, I decided to try Dr. Easley's litter - which claims to encourage use of the box by even the most particular of felines - and also kept the top of the litter box off so no odors would remain in the confines of the box. Since then, no more incidents and I've been able to resume use of my prior brand of litter which is more competively priced - although Dr. Easley's was worth the money!
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I wouldn't worry about it too much unless this is happening all the time. One poop out of the litter is not too much to worry about. It's possible the one cat may have not wanted to go in the litter box because it was smelly. I have found a small peice of poo on the floor before. I figured it just didn't come out all of the way and dropped coming out of the bed room. Sometimes small strings or even hair can be tangled in with their poo so it really does kind of just hang there (always a good idea not to let you cat get a hold of string).
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