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Nutty kitten

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My kitten's usually nutty and running around, but today she totally going over the top and I don't know why!

She's usually playful and naughty, i keep her entertained and usually after an hour at most of playing she's tired out and asleep in my lap.

This morning though she's been a complete pain. She's been trying to bite/scratch me (playfully i'm sure), she hasn't stopped running at 200% now for the past 3 hours and she's trying to get into everything way more than usual.

Is this normal in cats, that they'll have some particularly energetic days where they won't get worn out as easily as usual. Or did I do something horribly horribly wrong to the poor thing that I'm not even aware of? :|

She only just went to the vets yesterday to have her stitches taken out and he looked her over. Said she looked bright and healthy.

She had been sneezing yesterday a day or two before that, just a couple of times a day. He gave us some medicine and told us to give it to her if it carried on/got worse. She hasn't sneezed today though, but could she still be sick (and therefore a pain in the bum!) and need to take it, or is it unrelated?

The only other thing I can think of was that for the first time yesterday we gave her a piece of chicken to eat... but I know her dry food has chicken in it so that's probably unrelated too.

She's also been meowing at me a lot today, and I don't know what on earth she wants! It's not play, it's not attention, it's not food or water.

If it carries on i'll call the vet. But I thought i'd post firsat as someone who's had a cat before (I haven't) might be able to enlighten me. As I said, it may just be a cat thing. I'm just wondering what on earth has gotten into her!
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Maybe she's feeling feisty because her stitches are out?
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This is not advise, just a tale from my experience.

My kitten, Ginger, had ONE really bad day where she did everything she's not supposed to and pushed ALL the boundaries. I think she was peaking as an adolescent that day. She was about 6 months old at the time.

She climbed on everything, scratched at everything, jumped into plant pots and threw dirt around, kept trying to run out the doors, climbed up clothing in my closet leaving some very nice claw holes and tears in delicate fabrics, etc., etc., etc. Just absolutely everything that she could do that was a no-no, she did.

I squirted her on her back with water several times, scruffed her several times, kept a good eye on her, and verbally corrected every single thing she did wrong. Ultimately, we wound up with me putting her on her back on the kitchen floor with me lying flat and holding her there with my body (I did NOT hurt or squish her at all!) so that she was forced to be in a submissive position.

I took her cute little face in my hands, made her look at me (Ooo, she HATED that!) and gave her a firm talking to. I told her I am NOT a slave, that I am the alpha cat in the house, that I'm the mommy and she's the baby kitty and that she needs to learn how to behave if she wants to stay in my home.

Then I reminded her that she chose ME from the shelter, not the other way around, and that if she didn't be a good kitty, she could go right back to where she came from!

She's a VERY smart little girl - after that there have been no more behavior issues with very few exceptions, and she certainly knows right from wrong. I have to laugh when I catch her doing something naughty - she gets such a guilty look on her face!

Now she is an incredibly well-behaved little spoiled rotten princess. And I love her to bits!
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She's a kitten having a mad half hour as i call it, and when this happens many a vase or ornament has been knocked over

Sophie was having one this morning and when i passed her on the stairs she started batting me with her paw and she's two years old! My Rosie's a vocal cat as well but thats just the way she is.

Keep an eye on her, but i think she's just had an extra burst of energy and when that happens they just need to let it out by doing their impression of formula 1
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Originally Posted by rosiemac
Sophie was having one this morning and when i passed her on the stairs she started batting me with her paw and she's two years old!
Mine still get like this sometimes--and they're 6 years old!
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