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My Foster Won't Stop Scratching!

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Well, I should say she won't stop scratching the furniture and carpet. I have a home lined up for her already and I feel obligated to tell them what to expect so I'd rather correct the problem now.

She has a cardboard scratcher that she also uses, and I trimmed her nails. Her new family won't want to put tin foil or plastic all over everything so I'm not sure what to do! I really doubt they'll buy the Soft Paws either.

Should I spray her with a water bottle and relocate her to the scratcher? I don't know what to do and I don't want them to either 1) declaw her or 2) pass on getting her altogether.
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softpaws are vinyl nail caps for cats. you trim the claw, put a dab of adhesive into the nail cap, then slide it over the claw. blunt claws == no scratching. when the claw sheath naturally sheds, the softpaw thingie comes with it.

the boy and i decided to give softpaws a try because we just moved into a new place, and our sable fluffy cat has a thing for tearing up carpet. the maine coon doesn't scratch much, but we had to put softpaws on him, too, because it's unfair to only do one.

we went to a groomer for the first set. she taught us how to apply them. then i bought more online, and as softpaws fall off, i put new ones on. our sable kitty gets purple ones and the maine coon gets black -- they wear different sizes so it's easier to have them in different colors. besides, purple would clash with an orange tabby.

i'm thrilled with them (no, i don't work for the company, btw). the cats can't damage anything, they get to keep their claws, and you can't tell the softpaws are there unless they extend their claws. i was skeptical, but they don't affect claw function at all aside from blunting the tips.

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